Over the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about balance; mainly because I just had our second baby boy and I know my pace of life will once again be altered. I find myself observing other moms in doctors’ offices, grocery stores and the park and am in awe of women I see that seem to manage it all so effortlessly which makes me wonder if what “seems” really is! Everyone has a path to achieving the perfect balance; now it’s time to find mine!

Having a full-time executive position in real estate, I often find myself multi-tasking, drifting to work thoughts, checking my blackberry and planning for meetings, conference calls, etc. all while also trying to attend to my life (my son, my step daughters and my husband). For me, it’s impossible to turn one role “off” and turn another “on” as I am also constantly thinking about my family while in the midst of important work matters thus making the task of concentration virtually impossible.

The blend of motherhood with professionalism plus wife, step-mom and a dash of self (every once in a while) and I have found myself having a very full plate. Because we are such a partnership, I would be remiss to not mention that my husband’s work makes his role in our family every bit as complex; traveling and competing in races, running his own business with employee demands and always hunting for future business opportunities. But we have always known this hectic pace, which makes me wonder if it has become somewhat of an addiction, something we crave but may not necessarily be good for us.

There is all kinds of literature on the topic of working mom’s and life balance but I found the following article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter to be particularly honest and thus a refreshing take on the challenges facing professional moms.

I’ll have the next three months to examine my own life, the pros/cons and everything in between to decide what’s best for our family. But the lesson is clear, I have the utmost respect for all mommies in their quest to find the balance that suits their lives (no two are the same).

What has been the barometer for your quest for life balance as a mommy?