Perfume is an easy way to be remembered. A great fragrance can be your signature. It can fill a room and stay long past you’re gone. Rather than go online and research, I sampled the Skinny Mom Team. We have a ton of personalities here: from the witty writer to the fitness nut all the way to our chief momma: Brooke. The whole spectrum is hopefully represented, and if you don’t find your specific personality, perhaps the mood or the persona you want is here.

Find your new scent with our match up guide:

Fun & Eclectic: Any Escada fragrance. Their latest, limited edition “Cherry” is tart. However, their tropical scents like “Paradise Kiss” will seriously take you to an island. From pineapple and coconut to a hint of sweetpea, it’s exotic, alluring and slightly mysterious, yet blissful.

Laid Back & Spiritual: Aveda’s “Pure-Fume” fragrance line is made from essential oils and is a 100% naturally derived aroma. “Spirit” in particular is meant to awaken your “yatra” or spiritual journey. It’s slightly musky with floral hints: sandalwood crossed with lavender and rose.

Earthy & Spontaneous: “Hippie Chic” by True Religion is fresh but also subtly sweet. It’s initially floral but finishes with a sweet, fruity undertone. In that sense, it’s very appropriately named!

Sweet & Cheerful: “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs seriously smells like you are in a field full of daisies on a sunny day. You can’t help but smile just looking at the bottle.

Bubbly & Girly: If you love your nail polish and Brittney Spears, then Michael Kor’s “Very Hollywood” is for you. With gardenia and floral bouquets and a hint of bittersweet, this scent is like bubbly pink champagne.

Sporty yet Feminine: Ed Hardy’s “Natural Scent” is perfectly sweet, but has just a hint of masculinity. It’s the perfect scent to spruce up a gym session as well as a night out. Be warned, the bottle looks just like the clothing…tattoo art of dragons and tigers.

Bold & In Charge: “Euphoria” by Calvin Klein is sensual but powerful. It’s scent derives from the black orchid. If that’s not mysterious and provocative, I don’t know what is. Spritz a little of this on your wrist before a board meeting and you will definitely leave an impression.