SAY CHEESE: I think those are two of my least favorite words!! When I hear them I either make sure I go find something to do or grab a small child to hide behind. I am sure I am not alone when I say that I despise getting my picture taken. I’m not quiet sure when I started feeling this way. I have been heavy my entire life and didn’t always mind being in pictures. So it makes me wonder, “Why don’t I want to be in pictures?” It’s not like they show anything that isn’t really there?? I guess when I look at myself in a picture, I have to really see my true self not the prettier, skinnier, perfectly dressed version of myself I have in my head. After thinking about this and all the times I opted out of the picture I have decided….who cares!! As with any sort of change we want to make you must first acknowledge it, then accept it in order to change it.  I will no longer run and hide when someone whips out their phone to take a picture (no one uses a camera anymore). I want to be part of the memories I am making with my family. I don’t want my kids to look back one day and wonder “Where was mom?” in all of the pictures. I may still hide behind a small child but I will smile and proudly say “CHEESE!”