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Burgers are a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. They make a quick meal that’s sure to please. Veggie burgers are an ideal way to give the staple a healthy spin so here is a list of the top 5 veggie burger brands.

1. Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burgers 
Nutrition: 120 calories, 11 g protein, 4 g fat. Have water on hand for these fiery burgers.


2. Amy’s All-American Veggie Burger (vegan) 
Nutrition: 140 calories, 13 g protein, 3.5 g fat. Redefine the “all-American” meaty barbeque.


3. Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger 
Nutrition: 130 calories, 17 g protein, 5 g fat. This burger is “beefed up” with textured vegetable protein.


4. Boca Cheeseburger 
Nutrition: 100 calories, 13 g protein, 4.5 g fat. Cheesy goodness without all the fat.


5. Dr. Praeger’s Meatless All-American Burger 
Nutrition: 130 calories, 15 g protein, 4 g fat
. This burger holds up great on the grill.