Sarris Candies is a premier chocolate and candy shop claiming to have the “world’s best chocolates”. After tasting…and then devouring…their Sarris Pretzel Slims, I have to agree with their claim!

The pretzel slims are covered in milk chocolate and absolutely satisfy any sweet, salty, crunchy craving you may be having. They are packaged in a case of 10 pretzel slims and are only 100 calories per pack and contain no trans fat. This is by far the best 100-calorie packed snack I’ve tasted in a long time.

The Pretzel Slims come in a pack of 24 and are $35.95 per case. This is a great snack to pack for you and your kids when on-the-go or a nice dessert option that you won’t feel guilty eating yourself or giving to your kids. Don’t leave the case out, though, or like me you will probably get into more than one of these delicious snack packs!

You can visit the Sarris Candies website to order a case of 100 calorie Pretzel Slims or explore other chocolate and candy options at

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