I don’t know if many people know about the “Safety Turtle”, but it’s an amazing invention that needs to be shared.  I found out about it last year while planning our first family houseboat trip on the lake.  My son was 3 at the time and knowing we were going to be on a boat for 4 days was stressful.  How could I keep a life jacket on a 3 year old all day and night? What if I take it off while he naps and he wakes up and sneaks away before I notice?  What if the life jacket starts hurting him and he cries for the whole weekend?

My hairdresser suggested the Safety Turtle.  Safety Turtle uses an electronic wristband that locks comfortably around your child’s wrist and is always turned on.  There is no wave detector that needs to be adjusted to eliminate false alarms like on other alarm systems.  Instead, any time the wristband hits the water; a loud alarm is emitted by the base unit located inside your home or out by the pool.  The alarm system is fail-safe and eliminates those annoying and dangerous false alarms. .This device also comes in handy if you live near a pool, pond or any body of water that may be a safety hazard to a small child.  It is a little pricey ranging from 199.00-300.00, but in my opinion, well worth it!