One step at a time

My hubby to be and I are and have been huge gym goers. We love all aspects of fitness; the adrenaline, the challenge, and the unity it brings between us. If you’ve read my earlier blogs, you know that when I was pregnant I was so sick that I couldn’t work out. I was crushed. Devastated. And super let down. So after I had my son, I couldn’t wait for my 6 week checkup to get the OK from my doctor. To be honest , I did start working out 3 weeks after I had him (just a little here and there). When the time came to get back into the gym, I was mortified. My gym clothes didn’t fit me like they used to, I was 10 lbs heavier, squishy, and had a permanent tired face. I was so insecure that I just wanted to disappear every single time I set foot in my gym.

Since we didn’t have a babysitter and since we couldn’t bring baby J to the child’s play area until he was 6 months, we had to figure out a new schedule. Since John began training for a sprint triathlon, a half marathon, and the Chicago triathlon and was working, it was only fair to give him the early morning spot. This meant that I got the 8pm spot. I wanted to get my son in a sleep habit, so this meant bath at 7pm, bottle, book, bed. For this reason, it made sense for me to go at 8. I gotta be honest with you, I HATED IT. Why? The gym was so packed and I felt like I was constantly being judged; I was used to going at 5am and when I finished I had so much adrenaline that I couldn’t fall asleep. Which, when you have a newborn, you never know when he’s going to wake up. When baby’s up, you’re up.

As negative as all of this sounds, I promise you I’m not always Negative Nancy! This all actually began to work in my favor. As summer neared, more people were falling off the wagon OR taking their workouts outside which left the gym more empty. Also, I began to view this is MY time. My time to be Jessica. I didn’t have to be a mom, a sister, a fiancé; I just got to be me. I didn’t have to worry about consoling a crying baby, feeding him, feeding my fiancé, cleaning, laundry, etc. I just focused on me, the gym, music, and the steam room. When I lift heavy and push myself to meet my goals, I feel my best. I’m a strong woman, who I’ve always been! After my workouts, I stretch hard. Stretching relieves so much tension throughout my whole body that it feels like I’m getting a deep tissue massage. And finishing it off in the steam room where it’s hot, quiet, and peaceful is the ultimate relaxation session. When I come home I have my protein shake and soak in the tub. Sounds fabulous right?!?

Because I have sacrificed my time for my family, I have become that much stronger. I’ve increased my strength tremendously, lost inches, lost pounds, and gained more confidence. So please, always try to see the positive in every situation, after all it’s your life! Take charge!