Calling all moms and friends of Skinny Mom! Skinny Mom is doing a special Rudolph Fitness Challenge tonight! CBS is airing the beloved classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at 8 PM Eastern, and we are challenging all of our moms and friends to participate in the Skinny Mom fitness challenge while watching the show (we know everyone with kids will probably be tuning in to see the show tonight)! Special thanks to Barb Thomas for giving us the idea.

The challenge is going to have a beginner level and advanced level. The idea is that you do the exercises each time Rudolph’s nose lights up during the program. So you got it, drop down and do the exercises every single time Rudolf and his nose shine red!

Beginner Level Challenge

  • 5 Push-Ups

PushUp copy


  • 5 Sit-Ups

SitUp copy


Advanced Level

Burpee_660x460 copy


  • 5 Squats

PowerSquats_560x460 copy


  • 5 Sit-Ups

SitUp copy


We will be on Facebook and Twitter tonight to remind everyone! Make sure to post your progress and tweet #RudolphFitness if you are participating! Tell all of your friends and all of the moms you know to get in a fun workout while getting in the Christmas spirit!