Rope workouts look super intense — and they are. But, they’re an awesome way to get your arms tight while also getting your cardio up. While heavy rope training, also known as rope battling, was originally developed for specific combat sports, it has become mainstream in fitness training. That’s because this conditioning not only tones muscle, but also really spikes your metabolism. It won’t take long until you hit your maximum heart rate.

Now, buying these heavy ropes are going to cost you some money. Check Amazon and your local Play It Again Sports before finding a brand name, which can run you upwards of $140! If you really want to save some money, you can use old hoses or cords. Any flexible but stable cord or rope-like object would work. Your local hardware store sells suitable rope as well! Get yourself about 50 feet of manila rope (1.5 to 2 inches in thickness). Manila is best because it’s sturdy and will stand the frequent pounding you will put it through much longer than a hose or other last-minute equipment. Ultimately, you just need to be able to tie the base to a sound structure and comfortably grip the free end. The longer and heavier the cord, the harder the workout.

Here are five moves to get you started!

Jumping Jacks: Just as it sounds, you will be doing the basic jumping jack. Your left hand should be gripping the left rope end and vice versa for your right hand. When you jack out, lift the rope ends up above your head. When you bring your legs back in, drive the rope to the ground. This should cause a big wave which would cause the rope to undulate. Click here for more info.


Lateral Hops: Grab the rope, one end per hand. Jump to the left and cross the ropes from the top of your right shoulder, across your chest and to your left hip. Hop to the right and raise the rope, cross it and whip it to your right hip. You should be creating figure eights.

Lying Rope Pull Up: Start in lying down position on your back with the ropes gripped in both hands — as if it were one rope. Pull yourself up the rope as you find your weight shifted to your heels until you are standing straight up. Click here for a video tutorial!

Alternating Wave: Gripping each end of the rope firmly with both hands, start swinging your arms up and down at the same time to create a parallel wavelike motion with the ropes. Now, alternate your swinging arms. As one arm throws the rope down, another should be swinging it up. Try to maintain the velocity of the waves for the duration of your interval. Click here for more instructions.


Grappler Throw: Make sure your feet are grounded and shoulder width apart. With the rope gripped in each hand, begin to pivot your torso from side to side. Flip the rope over each time you pivot. The motion should feel as if you are tossing the rope down and to the side. It still should create a wavelike motion within the ropes. Here’s a video tutorial!