There are plenty of great ways to roll and wrap your food! Try one of these six different foods to make some delicious meals. A few of these recipes take some time but the extra effort is totally worth it!


1. Spring Roll Wrappers: These low calorie wraps are the perfect roll and wrap for spring/summer produce. They are a flour based wrap. Check out these Lentil Sprout Spring Rolls with Shrimp. Recipe here. (via She Runs, She Eats)


2. Cabbage Rolls: Mix up the lettuce wraps with cabbage. This Stuffed Cabbage Roll recipe is a classic European comfort dish. It’s filled with whole wheat barley, garlic, parsley and onion. Recipe here. (via Ask Georgie)


3. Egg Roll: There are only 100 calories in one of these delicious Skinny Buffalo Wraps! The real calorie cutter are these egg roll wrappers–found in the refrigerated section of the produce section. (via Skinny Mom)


4. Kale: This super nutritious and hunger reducing food turns into a deliciously crisp roll or “shell” when heated. Pictured above are the Tuscan Kale Roll Ups (via Rebecca’s Remedy). The cashew spread you use is creamy and delicious. If you are a chickpea fan, you can also try a baked kale roll with this fabulous Kale Rolls with Quinoa and Chickpeas recipe (via Scandi Foodie).


5. Cucumber: This vegetable has become wildly popular as a starch replacement. From noodles to bread, cucumber is no longer a condiment. Try this Lime Cucumber Wrap for a refreshing summer lunch! Recipe here. (via As Easy As Salt and Pepper)


6. Noodles: Okay, so maybe this one isn’t as “clever,” but many people forget that this noodle can be used beyond heavy pasta dishes! It’s the perfect size and weight for a wrap or roll up. Our Skinny Lasagna Rolls take a simple whole wheat lasagna noodle and turn it into a pasta treat that’s under 260 calories and packed with cheese and meat! Get the recipe here. (via Skinny Mom)