I’ve been frantically packing our family for a road trip from the Midwest to the West Coast. It has been fun, but extremely daunting. Making certain each child has the right amount of clothing and shoes, a travel bag for the long journey full of toys, games, books and a movie to pass the time away. Not to mention the adult necessities. So forgive me for such a short posting today.

It was interesting this morning asking each child to fill one backpack full of goodies and “lovies” for a long, long road trip. Some of the back packs were so full the toys and games were spilling out everywhere. One child even attempted to go for two back packs. Sorry, that cannot happen. We do not have the space for two back packs for each child (we have five children, so that would be 10 back packs). Together we condensed everything down to one. As for the two year old, he was happy with two Thomas the trains. He came running down the stairs with them in his hands and happily announced, “Mommy I’m ready.” Oh, how he tugs at my heart strings. I tried to explain to him that he might want a few more toys and he defiantly stated that, no he did not. So, after he went to sleep tonight I packed him a back pack full of various toys. Hopefully he will find something inside he likes.

I’m running over my last minute checklist and double checking everything this evening. I have five very happy and excited children to load up in the suburban tomorrow. They are all currently asleep in their beds, thank goodness. Now this mom must hit the hay herself, as she has a ton of miles to cover tomorrow.

Adios, AufWiedersehen, so long, farewell, goodbye…