Has anyone taken the Rhythm & Motion class at the Cincinnati ballet? This is an adult dance class that you do not want to miss! I recently learned about this class through a friend and I’m addicted.

In this class, there are 10 dances to 10 different songs. Each week the instructor throws a song out, and brings in a new one, which means that each week you will learn a new dance. In order to keep up with the choreography, you have to continue to come to class week after week. The choreography is a mix between Jazz, African, Latin, Hip Hop, Modern Dance, and more. This class is a full body workout for the arms, abdominals, and legs.

Each week this class is offered at their downtown Cincinnati location and their Blue Ash location. There are a couple of different times offered for each day of the week. So visit http://www.cballet.org/ for more details and head to the Cincinnati Ballet for a little Rhythm & Motion. You won’t be sorry! Let me know if you have any questions.