Yesterday I decided to take all five children shopping for some necessities and to buy each of them their new swimsuits for the summer season. I made certain their bellies were full and all things taken care of before we left the house. We loaded up in the suburban and headed to town.

We made a few quick stops and then headed to Target. I figured we would stop in at the Starbuck’s located inside and I would get each of them a refreshing Strawberries n’ Cream Smoothie and myself a Venti Iced Coffee (I’m being good and trying to stay away from the delectable Caramel Macchiato & Java Chip Frappuccino – for those of you who know me, this is extremely difficult). With ice cold beverages in hand, we began our shopping excursion.

We made it approximately 50 feet and my six year old announced that she had to go pee…and NOW! So we turned around and headed back to the front of the store. Turns out both the nine and six year old had to go too. With this taken care of, we proceeded to shop. Surprisingly enough no one dropped or spilled their delicious smoothies. Yipee! Things were looking good. We picked out our large storage bins (I’m packing up the baby nursery and making it a toddler’s room – this is another blog post coming SOON), a few home cleaning supplies, and headed to the children’s clothing department.

I was informed by my four year old that she had to have a purple swimsuit and absolutely nothing else! Wouldn’t you know there was not one to be found in her size. Ugh! She proceeded to the opposite side of the clothing rack and came flying around the corner with a grin as mile wide carrying a turquoise swimsuit with a full tutu attached exclaiming’ “This is it! This is my suit!” I said, “I thought you wanted purple?” She answered, “No, I want this one.” Well, ok then. That was done. My eight year old daughter grabbed two suits she found desireable. After trying them both on she was pleased as punch to narrow it down to the one piece with a psychedelic flower print. Whew! Two down, three to go. The two year old was eyeing a pair of CARS swim trunks – my approval and they were in the shopping cart.

My nine year old was trying to decide between Star Wars or Diary of a Wimpy Kid trunks. Needless to say we went back and forth with these for about 20 minutes. He has always been quite a fashion guru. Since the age of 6 months, yes, 6 months he has always been comfortable in shirts, ties, slacks, collars. He likes to look good. We went through a three year period of him trying on clothing, changing outfits throughout the day and it had nothing to do with shorts, t-shirts and jeans. Always a three or four piece set of clothing which usually had to be ironed (Insert smile here with a smirk). He has true fashion sense and to this day only likes to go out if dressed to the nines. I LOVE him!!!! He settled on the Diary of a Wimpy kid trunks with matching t-shirt.

Now, during this entire decision making process with all five children, our six year old was having a terrible time determining what swimsuit she wanted. She had a butterfly suit, a white and navy striped suit with roses on the collar, a pink tie-dye suit, a purple, lime green and blue sparkling leopard print suit and a cherry suit in hand. I told her we needed to narrow it down to at least three suits and then we could try them on and decide from there. Upon hearing this she selected her three favorites, then hung them on the cart and proceeded to have a melt down. The tears began to flow, the words were all a jumbled mess. I hugged her, soothed her and tried to explain that we would try each one on look in the mirror and make a decision. AND…the tears started to rush forth. Oh my! What have I gotten myself into? I gathered her up and all six of us headed to the dressing room. The tears were gone by the time we locked ourselves inside. She stripped down as quick as a wink and began trying on each suit, modeling each one for us. A turn here, a turn there, a flip of the head and then a quick change into the next swim suit. No decision had been made. She started to cry again. “I don’t know mommy.” I gave her my opinion, she thought for a moment, then cried some more. We eventually narrowed it down to two; the pink tie-dye and the white & navy striped with roses on the collar. She desperately wanted me to buy them both as she made the point that she would definitely wear them. I told her, “No, only one.” More tears with some growling (yes, she growls when frustrated). After a battle which seemed an eternity, we exited the dressing room with the pink tie-dye swim suit. It had the approval from all of us. Whew!

Now guess what, three had to have a potty break. Guess my swim suit will have to wait…so we headed to the front of the store once again. Everyone was content. We made a quick jaunt over to the flip-flops. Picked them out and made a beeline for the shortest checkout line. Paid for our goodies and whisked ourselves to the suburban.

It was inevitable…shopping with all five, wonderful children and having a serious melt down, right? We are officially ready to hit the pool and the lakes. Cheers to a bright and relaxing Summer!