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Over 2,000 women joined us for our launch of the 21-Day Shred, each of them beginning the journey for different reasons. And although they’ve already started shredding this year, you can still join in, too! If you need a little healthy motivation to get moving toward a healthy lifestyle, check out our Resident Moms’ reasons for shredding.


“I decided to do the Shred for many reasons. I want to look and feel better about my body, I want to see a positive change in my life for my family; but most importantly, 2015 was a very hard year and after all of the tears and worry, I want my children to see that you can accomplish your goals — that life is good.” — Rhea Hodges

“I have said for years that I want to eat healthier and get in shape. I would stick with a plan for a few weeks and then go back to my old ways. It wasn’t until I tested the Shred program that I saw and felt how much better I could feel. I had more energy and felt stronger. I want to show my kids what living a healthy lifestyle means and be a solid role model for them!” — Amy Brunner

I’m shredding in 2016 because my son is a little over a year old now and I want to have another baby soon, but I don’t want to add more baby weight on top of the baby weight I’m still trying to lose. My son was six weeks premature and I want to be as healthy as possible for my next pregnancy. This is my kickoff to keeping a healthy lifestyle moving forward.” — Nicole Zern

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I’m shredding in 2016 mostly because I hate feeling like a slug, in every aspect!! Haha! I’m slow, squishy and shriveled when I eat salt. Exercise is wonderful. I truly believe that medicine is ‘sick care’ and food and exercise are ‘health care.’ What you put in is what you get out. Some days will be tough and that’s normal, but when I push through and have serious self-discipline I feel best.” — Joni Sclavounos

I’m shredding for several reasons: those jeans and work pants that I’ve been holding on to since we got pregnant in 2008, those stairs I have to climb daily, the three handsome guys I come home to every day that want me to stick around for a while. Most importantly, for me — to feel like me again.” — Raye Dopson

I am shredding for 2016 because I want to improve my lifestyle. I can do this by being accountable for my exercise and food. I believe the Shred will be positive for me mentally and physically! I was excited about trying the recipes listed for the Skinny Mom 21-Day Shred challenge. I feel like I just dipped my toe in on the first day and then I jumped all the way in by day 2. Great new habits formed. The private community has been awesome, creating an environment in which I can thrive and, shall I say, shred!” — Tanesha League


I am shredding in 2016 to develop the habits that turn into a lifestyle! I currently struggle with the all or nothing mentality that if I eat that cookie, I may as well have the brownie and ice cream, too. The Shred has the structure in place to develop healthy habits: eating natural food, eating at set times and sticking to a workout plan. The Shred provides the tools to track progress along with the support of the other moms, which is so motivational. The Shred is the vehicle to support my GOALS to a healthier, more energetic, lifestyle.” — Elisha Herrmann

There are a lot of reasons why I’m shredding in 2016.  They range from wanting to be healthier, being more active with my boys and husband, wearing a bathing suit in public again… But most of all, I just want to be happy with me! I want to look and feel better at 35 than I did at 25!” — Charity Kinneer

It would be wonderful to lose 15 pounds while shredding, but in reality, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you only focus on losing weight, it might happen, but probably won’t stay away. I’m shredding for a healthy lifestyle that I hope to maintain after the initial Shred is over. I truly believe we have to stop saying words like “diet” and focus more on the overall health of ourselves, because that’s the only way we’ll be healthy!” — Linda Payne


“Why I’m shredding in 2016? I want to feel comfortable with myself in a healthy way. It’s not only about image of looking great, it’s also about being healthy and feeling strong, motivated and energized. It’s about improving my mood and lifestyle, gaining some muscle to help me burn more calories, and maintaining my goal.” — Annette Eliza

“I am shredding to continue my journey toward an all-around healthier lifestyle for my family and myself.” — Jessica Wright

“Sometimes eating better isn’t enough and sometimes moving more isn’t enough. For me, doing a Shred isn’t about better or more, but about giving your all and seeing what is beyond what you’ve seen so far. It’s a challenge to yourself to see what you could become.” — Alison Carl

Skinny Mom’s 21-Day Shred came at the perfect time! I was already working out 4-5 times a week and eating relatively healthy, but the holidays sent me a little off track and it was time to give my workout program a new challenge. I am shredding to reset my body, challenge my exercise routine and take my food choices to cleaner, more healthy level.” — Julie Davis

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“I shred for ME! As moms, we tend to make ourselves the last priority… not this year! I want to become the best version of me, not just for myself, but also my family. A happy mom makes a happy home.” — Alisha Herzog

“I’m shredding in 2016 because I’m getting married in May and want no regrets or stress about the shape I’m in come the big day!” — Jennifer Ann

“I am shredding in 2016 to show people you can start living a healthier lifestyle anytime, anywhere. Health is all about balance. Find what works for you and stay consistent; that’s what makes your results last longer and that’s what I intend to do.” — Jessica Griffin

“I’m doing the shred because it’s a fresh year and I want to be my very best, I wanted a challenge and I knew I needed the accountability! And I love that there’s no guess work; it’s all laid out and so easy!” — Erin Johnson


“I’m shredding in 2016 because I want the confidence, fitness level and energy to slay all of my resolutions!” — Marie Mallory

“The reason I decided to shred in 2016 with Skinny Mom is because I’ve been stuck in my weight loss for almost a year. I lost 70 pounds in a year, but the last 30 of my goal to lose 100 pounds has been the hardest to lose;. I lose it, then go back up, and I am really tired of playing that game. I decided to try the Shred to clean up my diet a bit and get my body back in gear! Sometimes you just need some small adjustments to help you get on track again and I’m hoping the Shred does that for me!” — Jessica Keipper

“A lot of friends asked me, ‘You test ran the Shred, so why are you doing it again?’. Good question, and easy to answer. While on the Shred, I found I had more energy, felt less sluggish and spent less time staring in my fridge and pantry pondering,’What’s for dinner?’. We saved money by not eating out. As an added bonus, our tummies were happier with our food choices! Once I got the hang of shopping on the list, I was able to breeze through the grocery store. Finally, I now have the tools I need to work out at home! The Shred is not just a plan for me, it’s a better way to LIVE!” — Treenah Kight