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Kids and husbands: Before you head to Target for a Hallmark card and candy, take the advice of our Resident Moms! These ladies know a thing or two about motherhood and the stress it puts on hardworking mamas, so they share their wish lists this Mother’s Day. Check it out below before shopping for the perfect gift for your special lady!


“What I really want for Mother’s Day? Besides being with my kids, I want a 35-pound kettlebell. I love kettlebell workouts for the strength and functionality you can build on your body. The one I have is only 20 pounds and I want to challenge myself and increase the strength on my lower body and build more lean muscle. As a personal trainer, I’m always trying to establish some goal that can improve my performance.” — Annette Eliza

“I would love a nap, waking up to a sink with no dirty dishes, some handmade cards from my kids, and ice cream with the hubby after they are in bed for the night. A simple, quiet day sounds like heaven!” — Emily Allen

“This Mother’s Day, I’d love to get a prenatal massage! Expecting baby #2, working full time and having a toddler boy makes me in need of some relaxation!” — Alaina Burran

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“What I REALLY want for Mother’s Day is a day off! To sleep in, drink coffee in peace, read a book, take a walk and watch what I’d like to watch on TV. I’d like to spend the day doing the things I often don’t get to do because of school, baseball, work, making dinner, doing laundry and all the other things that keep life running.” — Julie Davis

“I would really like a day of no other expectations of my time so that I may truly be present and enjoy family time. Laundry, soccer practice, work deliverables, and homework would be out of sight and out of mind.” —Elisha Herrmann

“There’s something about looking cute while you sweat. Before you assume I mean something else in particular, I’m really just talking about new workout clothes/shoes! As silly as it may sound, I always find myself more inspired and motivated to excel at a workout when I have cute clothes on while doing so. I hinted I wanted those new Nike Free Transform Flyknit shoes to my husband by posting them on IG, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t get the memo. I’m considering printing an ad out and taping it to the refrigerator. I still have time.” — Nicole Leslie

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“I would really like a housekeeping service to come clean every nook and cranny of our home. With toddlers, it’s tough just keeping the day to day housework in tip top condition. A housekeeping service would be great to have them clean all the other areas of my home that I don’t normally get to clean, like the baseboards, dusting, and things of that nature.” — Jennifer Metzler