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‘Tis the season of giving thanks and we often have to remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have in this time of gift-giving chaos. But what are our little ones appreciative of this holiday? You never know until you ask! See what our Resident Moms’ kids are (very honestly) thankful for this year.

thanksgiving kids turkey craft

Photo Credit: Parent Map

“Both of my kids said they are thankful for Mom and Dad and their grandmother, Mommie. They are also grateful for pizza rolls, X-box, football, family and our dog, Boss. My 4-year-old is thankful for the New York Giants, although the rest of the family are all New Orleans Saints fans. He’s thankful for his teddy bears and Mom’s sugar (kisses). My 10-year-old is thankful for having his mom and dad at home, for his friends and for feeling loved. :-)” – Keocha LaFleur-Anders

“Noah (10): ‘What I am thankful for is opportunity. I get to do lots of cool things.’ Then he lists Mixels (Lego toys), Thanksgiving and turkey, Ouray (our yearly vacation spot) and parties.

erin johnson kid thankful

Photo Courtesy of Erin Johnson

My son Maddox (7) wrote, ‘I am thankful because my life is special to me,’ and he drew a picture of himself watching TV with a fire in the fireplace.” – Erin Johnson

erin johnson kid thankful

Photo Courtesy of Erin Johnson

“Ayden (6): ‘I am thankful for my whole family because they all love me and they’re so very nice.’

Harley (5): ‘I am thankful for my mommy and daddy because they buy me toys.'” – Raye Dopson

“Kiley (5) said she is thankful for her family, her grandmas and friends. Kara (3) said she is thankful for family, Doc McStuffins and chocolate milk.” – Jessica Keipper

“Oh kids! I was putting my three-year-old to bed and asked him what he’s thankful for (after a week of the poor guy having the flu!). He said he’s thankful for Jesus and God… and finished it off with saying that he forgot to tell me – he’s also thankful for ice cream with sprinkles AND a cherry on top. And, of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As for my one-year-old daughter, she’s thankful for yogurt and carrying around that one baby wipe everywhere.” – Brittany Carter


“Their little eyes wandered to the left, then up to the ceiling… ‘What does that mean?’ inquires Preston.

‘What makes you happiest?’

‘Well, Christmas is in December, and Thanksgiving…’ he trails off. ‘My TV… My TV makes me happy.’

‘Ok,’ I smile and shake my head. ‘Vanessa what makes you happy? Does school make you happy?’


‘When you play with your brother and sister are you happy?’

‘Yeah… And they play with my Elsa and it makes me mad!’

‘Do Mom and Dad make you happy?’

‘Yeah,’ she expels airily.

I’m sure when they are older I will get more heartfelt responses.” – Jessica Griffin