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While they may be focused on cooking, cleaning, decorating and buying presents for their kiddos and family members, moms have a few items on their Christmas wish lists, too. So husbands and kids, take note of these ideas before buying her a new iron or skillet! Check out what moms honestly want for Christmas below.

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“A day to myself — facial, mani/pedi and body massage included!” – Alaina Burran

“I can’t be the only mom that really needs this or wants it, but I need a dream vacation with a spa, meditation and yoga classes at a health-related resort. Of course, I would like to share this vacation with my mom, who I only see twice a year and be kid free for five days. I’m home 24/7 with my very young kids and it can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. But I wouldn’t change anything as I do love my life, especially my kids and family.” – Kelly Duplantis

I asked my two younger kids this question. My 9-year-old daughter said, ‘Peace and quiet, breakfast in bed, a holiday, kids not shouting.’ My 7-year-old boy said the sweetest thing: ‘Lots of hugs and kisses from her children!’ They may know me be better than I thought!” – Mayette Mariano

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“Personally, as a mom, I really want something that’s a luxury. I definitely don’t want something to help me do chores around the house or something I need. I want something I want. A gift certificate to a spa, jewelry, even coupons where someone else will do chores and I don’t have to worry about it. I personally love Stitch Fix as well because I don’t have to deal with the stress of shopping, so a gift card there would also be amazing.” – Nicole Zern

“As moms we give a lot time, energy, tears, advice — you name it. My Christmas wish is a day off! I want a gym session as long as I can handle, I want to binge watch Netflix without interruption, I want to shower without being rushed, I want time to let my home pedicure dry completely, I want to get all dressed up for dinner and carry a purse instead of a diaper bag.” – Mary Loader

“As a mother of 5, Christmas can be trying because of how others perceive it. The meaning tends to get lost every year among the hustle and bustle of gift buying and advertising. I have seen friends go into debt at Christmastime! Life goes on after Christmas. Setting an example for our children is our top priority as they will have a families of their own someday.

Expectations are not really high at Christmastime in our home because we teach our children that Christmas represents the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We celebrate his birth during Christmas first and foremost.

This is how we explained it to our children at a very young age: “Receiving gifts on someone else’s birthday really makes no sense if you think about it.” They agree and still do to this day. Even though this is true, we still get them something every Christmas, but if we didn’t, they would understand the reason behind that decision.

Hypothetically speaking, if I could choose a gift for myself, I would like a spa day gift certificate that I could use when I really needed it.” – Shyrita Billups

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“There are three gifts that are sure to please any mom this holiday season: someone to do the dishes, quiet time alone to read, take a nap, or simply go to the bathroom in private, and chocolate.” – Nicole Klemp

Oh… I want someone to come in and clean my house top to bottom — windows, walls, floors, bathrooms — the whole shebang. And then I want to be the first one to walk into it so I can then experience that “my whole house is clean” smell. Ahhhhhhh…” – Windy Jennings

Honestly, I want peace… and quiet. Unwrapping a few moments alone to read a book, soak in the tub or enjoy a glass of wine would make my Christmas! An uninterrupted workout, cooking a dish I want to eat and watching a show with real people and not on the Disney Channel… these are a few of my favorite things!” – Julie Davis

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“Time to drink coffee while it is still hot and go to the bathroom uninterrupted (aka alone).” – Megan Robison

“Let’s be honest, there is nothing that bring greater joy to a mother’s eyes on Christmas morning than the light of excitement she sees in her childrens’ eyes as they open their gifts. But besides the present, there are some things that just would be amazing, like one night, just to sleep through the night without being awakened by her 3-year-old a few times a night to go potty. And then, that said-3-year-old wants to get a drink, and THEN said 3-year-old needs more Chapstick at 3:30 in the morning when it’s not really worth the fight. So you give in to said 3-year-old. By the time you get them back in bed you are wide awake and it takes you forever to fall back to sleep, so yeah, I’d say to be able to sleep through the night would be amazing! Oh, and a really nice foot massage and pedicure, because for the most part we spend all day on our feet providing for our little ones!” – Jessica Keipper

“For Christmas, moms really want one thing nonmaterial and one material. For my nonmaterial, I want a smooth holiday with just the right amount of house-hopping and visiting! I hope I get the technical stuff like wrapping gifts and prepping food out of the way early. Then I can enjoy family! I’m getting better at making this happen every year. My material want is a storage shed so that I can organize my household better and make for easier functioning. I just don’t want to do any physical labor to get the shed and that includes answering the door for the builder!” – Tanesha League