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No little girl grows up saying, “I can’t wait to rock my mom jeans one day!” And no newlywed would dare pass up a romantic night between the sheets for an extra hour of zzz’s. And have you ever heard an adult blast “Let it Go” 100 times on repeat while alone in the car? How do these “I’d nevers” become part of your everyday life? Kids, that’s how. See what some of our Resident Moms swore they’d never do until their kids came along.

“Now I drive a minivan. Yup, that happened. And I like how roomy and convenient it is!” — Reanne Gamet

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“I never thought I’d be the person to talk to strangers in any checkout line, crosswalk or restaurant… then I had kids. It’s amazing the camaraderie that develops between total strangers when children are involved. Whether I’m on the giving or receiving end of a compliment, or politely apologizing for a recent tantrum, I love the bond that is instantly formed over my little one.” — Jordan Weaver

“I always vowed that I’d try a lot of homeopathic and soothing at-home remedies for my child when they were sick or in pain; however, we have ample stock of Tylenol and Motrin at all times. I use it more than I’d like!” — Alaina Burran

“I was never supposed to be a mother, so there are a LOT of things I ‘never thought I’d do.’ I would never be up all night worried about a fever that won’t break. I would never be running to the bathroom with a baby that just got sick on me on the couch. I would never YELL at anyone, ‘Go to the corner and SIT!’ I would never be there to hear a first word, listen to a first laugh, see a first smile or feel my heart swell with pride when my boy learned how to swim without floaties. I thought I would never…” — Raye Dopson

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“I NEVER thought I’d stop going to the gym; I’d been going regularly since I was 15 years old. Then I had my daughter at 30 as a single mom. That doesn’t mean I do not work out and live an active lifestyle, but adjustments had to be made for her to be my priority, especially since I decided to start building my own business when she was an infant so I could be ‘present’ in her life. I NEVER saw it coming, but I am proud to be a nurse turned MOMpreneur! Best decision I could’ve made for us and our future!” — Megan Robison

“They say a woman becomes a mom the moment she finds out she’s pregnant. I agree 100 percent, but if I’m honest, I still feel like a kid playing house when I say, ‘I’m Lincoln’s mom,’ out loud, even though I answer to ‘Mommy’ around the clock every day. While I couldn’t imagine my life any different and I love our sweet (almost) 2-year-old to pieces, there are a few things I never thought I would do, until I had him.

  • Prefer a Friday night in with my boys and in comfy clothes to a night on the town. After a long week, it takes having a Friday off to be able to muster up the energy go out. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or that comfort of having the whole family on the sofa snuggling that seem to make my favorite sweatpants look better than the beautiful dress collecting dust in my closet that still has its tags. Saturday, however, still seems to still be doable.
  • Rock flats, every day! While I could easily blame my IT band, heels really slow you down when you’re chasing a toddler. Plus, when it comes to boys, it’s a fact they go from walking to running in a matter of weeks.
  • Memorize songs from Fisher Price toys. This is embarrassing to admit, but my son has a few favorite Fisher Price toys that sing songs. The embarrassing part is that after the 100th encore of “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Patty Cake,” I have been known to mix it up with a few songs courtesy of the Crawl Along Ball and Sing n’ Learn Shopping Tote to name a few.

All of these are totally worth it, and much better than ever wearing mom jeans, which I vow only to put on if I lose a bet or magically end up being cast on SNL.” — Treenah Kight

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