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You may not resemble Charlie Brown’s mother (Where was she anyway?), but chances are there’s a TV mom out there who you feel connected to. They do something funny or sweet in an episode and you think, “That’s me!” It’s even more telling when your family or friends point out your resemblance to a sitcom or cartoon mom. Some of our Resident Mom shared the TV moms they most relate to; check it out below!

TV Moms

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“’Hi, boys! Just call me Linda Flynn-Fletcher,’ Phineas and Ferb’s mom. As mom to 8-year-old twin boys still on summer vacation, every day provides laughter, adventure, messes and endless questions. If it were possible to time travel like Phineas and Ferb, my boys would visit dinosaurs and Abe Lincoln! Between the two of them there is always some type of trouble to be found — like the time I found a half-eaten chocolate bar in my rain boot. Their 104 days of summer are almost over, and they are determined to enjoy them!” – Deanna Pecina

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“Although my childhood visions of parenthood had me more like June Cleaver, I am definitely more like Kristina Braverman from Parenthood. She’s using the energy and negotiating skills she learned in her past career to better the world for each of her kids. She can barely communicate a coherent thought in the midst of the chaos but she works hard enough to be the rock each member of her family’s needs.”– Amy Benchener

“The TV mom I most relate to is hands down is Bev Goldberg! I love this TV “smother” mostly because I find myself doing the same goofy things out of love for my children. I KNOW my kids are the best, as does Bev! I will go out of my way to make them feel the best! Besides, she’s totally embarrassing and hilarious, just like me. I love the Goldbergs!”– Fran Robertson


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“I’d have to say as a single mom (sans the love life drama) is Rayna Jaymes from Nashville! Always on the go, mompreneur, but still making time for the important things in life – her kids!” – Megan Robison

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