Editor’s note: The following article is contributed by Skinny Mom Resident Moms. The Resident Mom program gives a voice to our readers, allowing moms across the world to contribute content to Skinny Mom.

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From Manic Monday to (Not So) Slow-Moving Sunday, there’s always one day of the week that seems to cause more trouble than others for your family. You may have too many activities to run to or it may just be tough to start the day on the right foot, but the good news is you aren’t alone. Our Resident Moms share their most stressful days of the week here!

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“The most stressful day for my family is most definitely Monday. Getting back into the routine at the beginning of the week is always a challenge for my kids. For me… it’s just getting up out of bed!” — Jessica Griffin

“Mondays have a bad reputation and for me it rings true. My kids are coming down from their weekend high of family gatherings and sugar high from birthday parties. I start Monday off with a cheerful outlook and then IT happens — the kids wake up and all sunshine and rainbows turn into a full blown storm. I get it; they want to keep playing and get more candy from their grandparents or cake from a party. So their attitude stresses me out and I in turn become a mom’ster.” — Kelly Duplantis

“The most stressful day of the week for my family is Monday. It seems we are all still a bit stuck on weekend-time and struggle with lateness in the mornings!” — Alaina Burran

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“The most stressful day of the week for my family is Tuesday. Both my husband and I work on Tuesdays, so we get up, get ready for work then we get our boys ready for school. I drop off my oldest at the bus stop and my younger son at daycare, then I go to work. On my lunch break I shop for any grocery item I need to make dinner for that night or to be used in the slow cooker the next night. After work, I pick up my youngest from daycare and quickly get to the bus stop to get my oldest son before heading home to start dinner and help with homework.  Tuesday night is Cub Scouts den meeting night then it’s bedtime for the children. I prep lunches and dinner for Wednesday, do yoga then get to bed.” — Daniella Davis

“Tuesday Torture: For us it’s Tuesdays. We seem to face the transition from Sunday to Monday. I don’t know if we are just better prepared to accept that transition, but Tuesdays are horrible.  We stay up later than we should, are far less organized than on Mondays and no matter the pre-planning effort, Tuesday feels like ‘torture’ for us. We usually wake up a little late, feel tired and can’t seem to get out without some mishap such as a forgotten cell phone, school book or lost keys.” — Joi Yeldell

“The most stressful day of the week for my family is any day that my fiance is working a 3:00 to 11:00 pm shift and I have to work or instruct a instruct spin class. On those days, I get home after 5:30 and have to pick up my son from daycare, get things put away from the day, make supper and do whatever needs to be done for bed time routine, as well as prep food and bags for the next day. It’s insane. I feel like I’m the Tasmanian Devil until its all done around 9:30.” — Jennifer Ann


“The most stressful day of the week for my family is actually Friday. We all have a full day, then our oldest daughter has gymnastics and piano, then we have a weekend shop before flopping onto the sofa for a family film evening. It is hectic preparing for the weekend, but well worth it!” — Alison Carl

“Saturdays are the most stressful day of the week for our family! We generally have children’s activities, family gatherings and friend parties. We try to pack as much as we can in to the  day, often times resulting in supply bringing, cooler packing and clothes changing right from the car.” — Elisha Herrmann

“Sunday night is probably the most stressful and I bet a lot of moms agree! A lot of prepping for the week and getting back into a routine is tough after a day or two of relaxation. But thank goodness for Saturday and Sunday daylight!” — Nicole Zern

“My days aren’t stressful, but I would have to say my craziest day would be Sunday. Practice and teaching yoga, groceries, baking snacks for school, prep for the week, time with kids, walks for the dog, lunches for Monday, prep and making family dinner with extended family, etc., etc., etc. It makes me tired just writing it! I have to say though, classical music, a glass of red wine and an Epson salt bath do wonders after such a day.” — Toni Jamieson