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When you become a mother, it’s almost as if you develop another language. You start speaking to your tot using words that might not even exist or you find yourself saying completely irrational things when you don’t have any answers to endless questions. Either way, your new mommy language is a tough habit to break, even when you’re out in the “adult world.” Having a mommy moment in front of your coworkers or family might be a bit embarrassing, but our Resident Moms are here to assure you that you aren’t alone. Read some of the “mom” things they’ve said to friends and family in normal conversation below.

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“I honestly could not believe it when I said. I hated hearing it as a kid because it made no sense to me and because it left me with no way to ask another question. The saying, ‘Because I said so.’ After I said it, I called my mom and told her that I had to use it. As we laughed, I asked Mom if she used the saying when she didn’t have a logical response to my questions. When she laughed and said, ‘Of course,’ I knew I had officially joined the mommy club because I didn’t have a logical response either.” – Joi Yeldell

“I’ve used the phrase ‘nifty galifty’ from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood in more adult conversations (by accident!) than I care to admit. Special thank you for that to O the Owl’s Uncle X!” – Megan Robison

And the real ‘momism’ is, of course:

At work the other day, I said to a coworker, ‘Excuse me. I have to go to the little girls’ room right now.’ Then, I proceeded to the restroom.” – Rhea Hodges

“I don’t have kids of my own yet but I have spent several years interacting with children. Oh the babysitting days! And you want to use safe words to blemish the bad words or maybe just to use fun fillers to make the child laugh because that word is just SO silly! No matter who I talk to, I still say, ‘I have to go potty,’ or ‘Where’s your potty? I have to go tinkle really bad.’ Seriously? What adult, who loves spending valuable time with children, does not overuse the word ‘potty’?! Go ahead, admit it.” – Brittney Dries


“I asked my boss to please excuse me so I could ‘take a potty break’! I’m sure there are many more, but the look on his face makes it the most memorable!” – Raye Dopson

“The most Mom thing I’ve said in normal conversation is that I need to go potty. I use the word ‘potty’ everywhere! I always get strange looks from those that don’t have kids. Other moms and dads never bat an eye.” – Charity Kinneer

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