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Want to make the most of every workout? Before you spend time aimlessly exploring classes or exercises, take our Resident Moms’ advice on getting an effective workout in each day.

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“I’ll choose muscle groups to work out (such as arms, shoulders, chest) and after a brief warmup, I’ll do one set of strength moves and then 5-10 minutes of cardio intervals (jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc.). I do three sets of each. The workout flies by and you accomplish quite a bit.” — Julia McClelland

“My most effective way to work out is doing a HIIT training DVD or YouTube video at home. I can be done, showered and dressed again during nap time and really feel like I have done a good workout in a short time. The Skinny Mom 7½-Minute Fat Blaster is great pre-shower workout, too, if you have the energy.” — Alison Carl


“My most effective way to work out is to keep a goal in mind. Not the far-fetched ‘I want amazing abs in 30 days’ or ‘I want my booty to not be flat in 20 days’ kind, but a reachable goal. I put the goal on the calendar and go for it. Also I make sure my husband knows about the goal so he can support me in reaching it, which really helps too.” — Alisha Herzog

“An effective workout for me starts by getting up early and getting it done. Whether it’s a run, yoga or strength training, getting it in early means a better workout for me, and it guarantees that it happens. Another factor to my most effective workout is getting the most out of a workout in a short amount of time. I don’t have hours to spend exercising, so I pick exercises and workout programs with the biggest calorie burn and impact in 45 minutes or less.” — Julie Davis

“My most effective way to work out is to switch it up. I make sure to do some HIIT and metabolic conditioning through CrossFit-style workouts to keep my heart in good shape while increasing strength, some muscle-elongating exercises like Pilates or Barre3, and some slow steady-state cardio like some time on the elliptical, walk or jog on the other days. Over the years, I’ve found that I get bored doing the same thing, and like to challenge myself with new activities daily and also new styles of exercise.” — Amy Benchener

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“My most effective way to work out differs because I have crazy schedule. I try to know what I’m doing before I get there. That way, I get in there and kill it! I have everything I need for a successful workout (proper clothing, shoes, tunes and water!). Injuries happens so I do a good warmup and stretch before and after my session. It makes for a better stretch and flexibility! I stay consistent; I keep my routines tight, but flexible enough that if I miss a day I have an alternative workout for home, at the park or at work. If I can’t make it to the gym, I have options, even if it’s a 15-minute workout.” — Jackie Osornio

“My most effective way to work out is to have a set time every morning before my daughter wakes up and log into the Daily Burn online for my 30-50 minute choice of cardio, strength training or yoga. That way I still have variety without having to get to the gym.” — April Manring

“My most effective way to work out is to always have my plan before walking in to the gym or before I go for a run. If I don’t know what I am going to do before I walk into the gym, then I find that I let myself go easy. I just do a little of this and a little of that, and it will be enough, which really isn’t enough. So, I started created my workout plan the night before I’m go to complete it. It usually takes me a good 10-15 minutes to plan what I’m going to the next day, but it really helps me focus on working and strengthening every muscle group. I’m way more effective at the gym when I go in with my plan!” — Jessica Keipper

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“For me the most effective way to work out is circuit training or bootcamp-style workouts. I love integrating bodyweight exercises in with cardio moves for a full body workout I can do anywhere and even include my kids on occasion! It is easy for me to do these workouts inside, outside, and even while traveling so I never have an excuse to miss a workout.” — Nicole Miller