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Losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is no easy feat, but the reasons that keep us each from reaching our goals are different! Check out what our Resident Moms find to be the most difficult obstacle in their ways, then share your own in the comments!

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“The hardest part of staying healthy is continuing healthy behaviors when dining out with friendsWe all have those people who LOVE to order the least healthy item on the menu, and it can be really hard to turn down that delicious food when everyone else is digging in. I always try and go in with a plan; for example, a three-bite maximum, so I can enjoy some of the food without going overboard!” — Samantha Gordon

“The hardest part of losing weight is watching everyone around me eating junk food and wishing I could join in. What I do is say to myself, ‘It feels better to fit into my clothes than to eat the bad-for-you food that tastes good but then I feel ill after.'” — Daniella Davis

“The hardest part about staying healthy for me is my inconsistent work schedule. I can be scheduled any time between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. and work anywhere from 4 to 16 hours a shift on my feet all day. Sleeping and eating become luxuries as opposed to necessities. My first challenge was overcoming the concept of time. I sleep in between shifts and I eat when I get hungry. I keep my refrigerator stocked with fruits and vegetables and keep snacks of hummus, salsa and Greek yogurt. When I cook, I prepare extra food for leftovers for the days I work long.” — Staci Wells

“The hardest part is not giving in and resisting temptation! It’s also hard not to revert back to your old ways of eating!” — Amy Brunner

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“To me, the hardest part is ignoring the fact that you’re tired. It’s either the end of the day or the very beginning when most of us moms get to work out and both of those times it’s way easier to give into your bed calling your name instead of the the treadmill.” — Alisha Herzog

“The hardest part of staying healthy is integrating a healthy lifestyle with my own lifestyle. I have two children and travel 2-3 times per month for work. It is very challenging to plan, prepare and actually eat healthy meals amidst driving to practice, homework, events and being absent during the week.” — Elisha Herrmann

“I think the hardest part of losing weight and staying healthy is your environment and disappointment. If you can’t rid your environment of all temptation then it will always be an obstacle for you to overcome. Disappointment is another factor since if you don’t see results you question if you will ever see results or if you should even keep trying. You know you have to make the changes and that it will take time but yet we still set ourselves up for failure when we assume that it can change overnight.  You have to train your brain to realize you didn’t gain the weight overnight therefore you won’t lose it overnight either. ” — Stacey Mueller

“The hardest part of losing weight is sticking to a workout plan. I am great at finding meal plans, shopping for healthy, wholesome foods and preparing meals. However, I have recognized that I would move to the next level in my fitness goals if I find a plan for exercise. I know that mornings increase chances of completing, but I am not in a happy mood until 9 a.m. This is much too late. I have found that it helps to get workouts done just a little earlier than the day before. When the goal time is met, repeat.” — Tanesha League


“The hardest part about losing weight and staying on track for me is when I feel like I’m a good comfortable weight, or if I had a really good week and lost a pound or more,  I tend to let my healthy habits slow down a bit, such as maybe only logging half of the food I’ve eaten in a day, or not working out as hard as I should be. Or even letting myself have more than one cheat/indulgence meal. But one of the things I’ve learned from the 21-Day Shred is to be accountable and aware of what you are eating.  I’ve logged into MyFitnessPal now for 43 days straight because of the Shred and I don’t plan on stopping!” — Jessica Keipper

“I could list a million excuses as to why I ‘fall off the wagon.’ That week that I only working out once… that day I can’t reach my step goal, or when I neglect my Sunday meal prep. At the end of the day, it boils down to one overarching trend: spreading myself too thin. This is a problem I have control over and in 2016 I’m committed to fixing it. Lisa Terkeurst, author of The Best Yes, put it simply; I suffer from ‘The Disease to Please.’ Thus, my time is spent helping others and over committing. This is why 2016 is all about FOCUS! Making sure my time, energy and resources on what matters most! On the top of that list is making sure I am healthy and stronger for my family.” — Treenah Kight

“For me, the hardest part of losing weight/staying healthy is consistency. Consistency with workouts, eating healthy meals/snacks, proper rest, relaxation, and drinking water can tend to be hard at times. Finding that balance can be a challenge. Even is the balance is found, keeping that balance can be a beast of a problem to maintain!

For me, the fall and winter months are the hardest because I don’t like to be cold! I love to take long walks during the spring and summer, so I have to substitute with interesting and intense, indoor workouts during the fall and winter. I have to make a schedule for my meals, workouts, and everything else in my day the night before, so that I can have a plan! I have a husband and five children ranging from 2-20 years old!

So if there is something I want to be sure to do, it must be planned! This is how I stay ahead of the game and keep the pounds at bay the best I can! This fall/winter, I planned not to gain more than five pounds and so far, I haven’t! My goal is to lose five more pounds from where I began this fall/winter! I have my work cut out for me, but I take it one day at a time with no excuses! Anything worth having is not supposed to be easy!” — Shyrita Billups