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From cutting their own hair with classroom scissors, smearing a messy surprise on your crisp white walls or sharing an embarrassing secret about you to your friends or family, kids do and say some crazy things. Your kiddos can shock you or make you laugh until you cry with some of the ideas they conjure up. Some of our Resident Moms spill the funniest things their kids have ever done; read them below!

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“Each day I look forward to the projects my first grader brings home from school. The kid-writing masterpiece I received recently states: ‘It reminds me of the time when I throw up in the night and I didn’t tell my parents.’ I’m debating if this situation warrants a note to the teacher in response to my little writer’s declaration. I’d like to mention that no one in this house (human or canine) has vomited without my knowledge. Since becoming a parent seven years ago I’ve developed a sixth sense for when someone is about lose it.” – Erin Connelly

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Photo Courtesy of Erin Connelly

“We were on a family vacation to Washington, DC when my oldest son was nine months old. He had a massive diaper explosion when were taking pictures in front of the US Capitol. My son’s outfit, my dress and his stroller were covered. Some of the diaper contents actually fell out onto the Capitol pavement. So, I can honestly say that my son pooped on the US Capitol! Thankfully, this incident did not occur during the meet and greet with the Senator from our state. I will refrain from jokes about his political views or feelings about Congress’ performance!” – Melissa Koester

“When your son is two years old, the list of funny things he has done is small. But the list of funny things he’s said? They could fill a book! After his second trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, we decided to visit the giraffe exhibit. This is by far the best giraffe exhibit I’ve seen; they let you get up close and feed the giraffes! The funny party came after. Since that moment – even months later – any time you ask him, “Lincoln, what do giraffes eat?”, he smiles and excitedly exclaims, “salad!” And it’s not just giraffes. Ask him what elephants, cheetahs, lions, chickens, even dogs eat, you will get the same answer: “Salad!” Sadly, though, my son prefers to just eat the dressing on his lettuce, otherwise known as… salad!” — Treenah Kight

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Photo Courtesy of Treenah Kight

What hilarious things have your kids gotten into? Share with us below!