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We teach our kids to always tell the truth, that lying makes your nose grow or that mom will know if they aren’t totally honest. But boy aren’t we glad those myths aren’t a reality? Whether your little white lies get the kids to behave, stop a bad habit or eat their veggies, stretching the truth occasionally helps motherhood go a bit smoother. Check out what some of our Resident Moms say are the biggest fibs they’ve told their little ones.


My mother-in-law bought my daughter a rabbit that suddenly died after about a week. They didn’t want her to be so upset about this, so they told her he had gone on an adventure while they quickly got another identical looking rabbit. After a week he ‘came back’ from his travels. She loves telling her friends about her adventurous rabbit.” – Alison Carl

The biggest fib I have told my kids is usually on the heels of their question, “Mom, where is…?” It’s usually some annoying toy they have been obsessing over or fighting over. My answer? ‘I don’t know.’ It’s either in the closet or in the garbage, dear. Sorry. (Not sorry.)” – Ashley Kilday

I told my kids that the ice cream truck only plays music when it’s all out of ice cream! They bought it for a while. The gig was up when they started noticing the neighborhood kids running towards the truck with their fists full of dollar bills!” – Tracy Lee

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My son loves remote control cars, but he’s only 3 so he doesn’t really know how to use them. So I turn off the remote control or the car and tell him that it needs batteries. I use this line whenever I don’t want him to play with something. Now he thinks everything runs on batteries.” – Stefanie Salera

All my ‘fibs’ have to do with food to aid in the daily ‘toddler eating battles.’ They are more like hyperbolic truths, so that is not lying, right? These include: Carrots give you x-ray vision!; If you eat too much ice cream your teeth with fall out!; Eggs give you giant muscles!; Beans give you awesome toots!; Eating your bread crust will put hair on your chest! (Okay, so that one is just not true.) I think my kids know I’m just being goofy, but they laugh at my antics and it helps encourage them to eat whatever it is!” – Greta Ford