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Especially on a down day, a simple compliment can stick with you. Whether it’s a few genuine words or a handwritten note, it’s difficult to wipe the smile from your face and you’ll surely remember that moment for years to come. Our Resident Moms share the sweetest compliments they’ve ever received, spreading their contagious smiles to you!


“My 5-year-old daughter gave me the best compliment. I was working out at home and after the workout was over there was an offer to send your before and after photos to receive a free tank top. I said that I didn’t want one and my daughter said, ‘You should have one that says “best at being strong”.’ And my heart melted.” — Jessica Wright

“Years ago at sunrise Mass, I always sat in the second pew behind an older couple. One Sunday, the gentleman turned around and said, ‘It is always a pleasure to sit in front of you. You have a voice like an angel!’ I had always thought my voice blended into the rest of the voices, but not for him. He was so kind to offer me the compliment, and I haven’t forgotten it!” — Ashley Kilday

“I know there are two compliments I have received that kinda go neck and neck as the best compliment I have ever received, so I can’t say I have just one. In the category of weight loss, the top two would be a compliment I received one day when I was walking around our apartment complex and a neighbor called me by my daughter’s name from her balcony after she hadn’t seen me in a while, after I lost a lot of weight. When I turned around, she saw my face and said, ‘I thought you were your oldest daughter!’ We just laughed and walked over to her. We ended up having a conversation about how I lost the weight.

The other best compliment I ever received was when a cashier referred to my oldest daughter and I in the store one day saying, ‘Are you two sisters?’ My response was, ‘This is my oldest of five children.’ The cashier looked shocked, smiled and said to me, ‘You don’t look old enough to have five children!’ All I could do is laugh, smile and accept the awesome compliment by simply saying, ‘Why, thank you so much. You just made my day.'” — Shyrita Billups

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“‘You enjoy life more than anyone I’ve ever met!'” — Marie Mallory

“The best compliment I ever received was from my husband. He was so overwhelmed when our first baby was born and told my mom how scared he had been but how amazing he found me with the baby and how I always knew what to do (which of course I didn’t!). This gave me confidence to trust my instincts and stand up for myself as a mom.” — Alison Carl

“‘Mommy, you look like a princess!'” — Laura Canfield

“The best compliment I’ve ever received was from a table of people at a restaurant. It was after my brother’s wedding. I was leaving and a woman at this table stopped me and everyone there said that I was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen, said I looked like a mermaid from a book and that they couldn’t stop staring at me all night! I was ear to ear! That was so sweet! I naturally replied with gratitude, but told them that it’s a combination of the makeup and dress, once washed away, I’m just average! The beauty of makeup!” — Brigette Batton

“The best compliment I’ve ever received was that I was a fantastic mother. Being a new mom I think the reassurance is so so helpful and awesome to hear. Deep down you know you’re doing okay, and you wouldn’t ever do anything but the best for your family… but there’s always that nervousness and wonder if you’re doing enough, or doing the right things. It’s probably the best, most rewarding compliment I have and will ever receive. My daughter’s life and well-being comes before anything and there’s no way to hide that. I’m grateful to have such wonderful people surrounding me to notice and tell me how great I am with Violet, especially on those down days where I question if I’m doing okay! If you know a new mom, tell her she’s doing great! You never know when she needs the pat on the back!” — Joni Sclavounos

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“The best compliment I ever received was one from childhood neighbor. she said, ‘Your mom would be proud.’ My mom had passed 4 years prior to the statement. There is no way to know for sure, but I would gladly take the word from someone I grew up with and knows us well.” — Elisha Herrmann

“This one is easy. Best compliment ever, hands down. ‘You’re the best mom ever.’ Hearing that from both my hubby and our boys — nothing makes my heart smile more!” — Raye Dopson