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We often hear a song on the radio that takes us back to another time, another place. We indulge in a piece of candy we haven’t had in years, only to remember the sweet smile of a person we once shared it with. Or maybe we run across a photo and instantly recall the sights, smells and sounds of that treasured place we once visited with family.

Whether your grandparents are still with you or if they’ve passed on, the memories you hold with them remain, and looking back on those fun, exciting moments in time keep those memories alive. Some of our Resident Moms share their favorite moments with their grandparents. Read them below and think back to the greatest times you’ve had with Grandma and Grandpa.

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“I grew up spending my Friday nights at my grandparents’ house playing Yahtzee, watching old Judy Garland movies and admiring my grandparents as they’d slow dance to the music that would come on during the movie. Friday nights were always nights of laughter, love and life lessons that I now appreciate as an adult.” – Bethany Wallace

“The last big family Christmas we had (I was 10), all ten of us went to midnight Mass. My grandfather, who was a Major in the Marine Corps, had a loud, lovely, boisterous voice that I could listen to forever. He was always unexpectedly kind to me, given his profession. I will never, ever forget how he and I sang as loud as we possibly could from the front pew of our church and how we drowned out even the priest with our joyous volume. It was epic and one of my absolute favorite memories of this man.” – Jillian Marques

Jillian Marques grandparents

Photo Courtesy of Jillian Marques

“I didn’t have the best relationship with my dad’s parents but the few memories I do have are good ones. When I was 12 years old, my parents sent me to go stay a week with my grandparents in Montana to learn and help my grandpa train his new horse. I love horses so I was beyond excited. Even though it was scary to travel by myself and I got homesick, I will remember that week for the rest of my life. Happy Grandparents Day!” – Alisha Herzog

“When my mother was faced with single parenting, it changed our lives. My grandparents had instilled hard work and determination in my mother. They took us in so my mother could go to college and make a better life for the two of us. In the face of adversity, Grandpa always said, “Get back on that horse!” He meant, get back up and try again. This phrase applied if I had just crashed my bike, or Mom faced the choice of supporting her daughter in poverty of seeking a college degree.” – Michelle Daly

Michelle Daly grandparents

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Daly

Growing up I spent a LOT of time with my maternal grandparents. My favorite memories with them revolve around the holidays. Every Christmas Eve-Eve, my sisters, brother, cousin and I would go spend the night with them. You see, Santa made a ‘special visit’ to their home that night. We would start the day off riding in the back of the truck looking for mistletoe and then spend the evening singing, dancing, putting on shows and waiting for the hooves to hit the roof when the reindeer landed. The best of my childhood memories include them in it.” — Raye Dopson

My mother’s parents are the definition of a grandmother and a grandfather. You have the lazy, nagging one that’s always asking when the food will be ready and you better not sit in his seat! Then there’s Grandma – the sweet one that bends over backward for everyone and gets flustered when she’s upset enough to utter the word ‘crap!’ My favorite memory of them would be our weekend trips to their beach house in Bethany, near Ocean City, Maryland. It’s seriously my fondest memories as a child, spent with family, which I’ll never forget!”– Brigette Batton

Brigette Batton grandparents photo

Photo Courtesy of Brigette Batton

“My favorite memory of my grandparents is their tireless energy for making things magical. Every summer, when we would visit them for a week in beautiful Sedona, I would run right to the kitchen to find Grandma’s magical list. The list was a ‘secret’ and it had all of the wonderful adventures for the week, along with the gourmet meals she would make us. Over the years, it included everything from tea in ‘The Secret Garden,’ creekside picnics and scavenger hunts ending in homemade ice cream treats. In addition to a love for our family history, I also came to appreciate the beauty of the town they lived in and years later named my daughter Addison Sedona, in memory of those special times.” – Amy Benchener

“This picture is one of my favorite moments with my grandparents. It was taken right before my Papaw passed away. He is holding my youngest son who was named after him. It was love at first sight. Every time I see this picture, it is so bittersweet to me. He was so happy to finally have a grandchild named after him!” – Charity Kinneer

Charity Kinneer grandparents

Photo Courtesy of Charity Kinneer

My favorite memory of my grandfather is him taking me to the diner for pancake dinners.” – Alaina Burran

“My favorite memory with my grandma is when we were driving around aimlessly on a gloomy winter day because we had nothing to do. ‘Let’s go get lost and listen to some music,’ she said. I jumped at the chance to get in Grandma’s cool 280Z sports car. That’s the day I fell in love with fast cars and the ‘Drummer Boy’ song. We drove for what seemed like hours, but in reality it was maybe an hour or so and we listened to Christmas songs and sang to the top of our lungs. We didn’t care who was watching or who didn’t like our tone-deaf voices. We sang, sang and sang.

We were just about to pull into our apartment complex and then the ‘Drummer Boy’ song came on. She pulled over and she turned it down. It began to get very foggy and she said in a calm soulful voice, ‘Oh, this song. This song steals my heart every time. Listen to this song, but also feel it. Feel the drums, baby girl.’ So I did. And to this day that song will take me back to that gloomy winter day, singing with my grandma. It puts a smile on my face and warms my heart with so much joy and love for her and the ‘Drummer Boy.’” – Jackie Osornio

Jackie Osornio grandparents car

Photo Courtesy of Jackie Osornio

“Nanny would love it when I would brush her hair. I remember getting to sit on the back of the chair and brush her hair while watching movies or chatting about her youth. She was incredible woman who faced a great deal of adversity and still loved life and to be pampered!” – Christina Collins

“My favorite memory with my grandfather, who is no longer with us, is of him taking us to the pool during the summertime and pretending to be a shark and chase us around the pool with one hand sticking up out of the water like a shark fin. He could hold his breath SO long! As kids, my siblings and I were always SO impressed.” – Audrey Keyes