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With carpools, school, work, activities, housework and cooking, how is one woman supposed to get everything done and have time left for herself? Juggling all these important facets of life can be difficult, but keeping a few time-saving secrets up your sleeve can make handling it all a bit simpler. These Resident Moms share their best time management tools; take a look and share yours in the comments below!

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“My biggest time-saving secret is creating time for myself through scheduling. I am a more productive person if I am prepared mentally and physically. I do a 6 a.m. morning workout to get my mind and body started for the day. I schedule downtime at night from 9:30-10 p.m. and start over again the next day. I simply put them into my calendar like a regular meeting or sporting event. I even schedule date night and time out with friends as I find it is too easy to overlook myself and become more frazzled.” — Heather Poore

“My biggest time-saving secret is easily ‘clean as I go.’ Any time I walk past something not in its place, I grab it and drop it off (at least in the room) where it belongs. I fill the sink and ensure the dishwasher is empty before I start cooking and clean as I go then as well. It took a while to get in the habit of doing this but it saves me a TON of time at the end of the day!” — Marie Mallory

“The biggest time saver for me is making a weekly dinner menu and upon returning from the grocery store. I leave out all my meats, veggies, and fruits that I will use for the week and cut/package them according to the recipes I’m making. I work full time, so this makes dinner prep 10 times easier and faster than if I had to get everything out and cut it while the kids are saying they’re starving and are trying to steal snacks.” — Alisha Herzog

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“My biggest time-saving secret is setting aside a couple of hours on the weekend to prepare meals for the week. As a full-time working mom, having a healthy, home-cooked meal to just reheat on busy weeknights for a hungry family is a life saver!” — Alaina Burran

“Carving out time to plan my week on Sunday with my goals and my planner is a huge help.”  — Megan Robison

“Time management can be a huge struggle, especially when we live in a world that’s a constant distraction. It’s not like we have tons of time as moms, especially when we are working! My time-saving tip is nothing new but, rather, something old. I make a list — actually write down a list — on any variety of notepads I have laying around. I add up everything I want to accomplish that day or evening. And (if I’m REALLY honest) on the days I am not feeling all gung-ho, I will add something I’ve already done. It’s a mental trick that says, ‘hey, look what you’ve already done!’. Once I’ve crossed off 90% of the list, not only do I feel better mentally… but I’ve saved time trying to figure out where to start.” — Treenah Kight