Every mom thinks her babies are the sweetest, funniest, most adorable humans on the planet. But instead of just telling you about how precious their kids are, why not let them show you? Here, some Resident Moms share their favorite photos of their kids, proving that they’ve got some precious kiddos on their hands!

“While I love the cute smiling posed photos my two toddlers (sometimes) let me capture, my fave shots are the ones when they’re playing together blissfully unaware of their paparazzi mama or being silly. For example, when I say, “Say cheese,” I never know what I’ll get from either one of them. At least I know they’ve got fun personalities! Exhibit A:” — Danielle Faust

Danielle Faust RM

Photo courtesy of Danielle Faust

“We may be a wee bit excited about St. Paddy’s Day in our house. We are Irish via my mother-in-law and the kids jump completely on board. Green Day at school, the Irish Festival in our city. We’ve made leprechaun traps, all of it. They are goofballs!” — Windy Jennings

Windy Jennings RM

Photo courtesy of Windy Jennings

“This is a recent favorite picture of my boys, Justin (19) and Jake (9). Justin left for his first year of college in August and we miss him terribly. Jake and I drove up to visit him in October. Having the two of them together at Justin’s school was so incredibly special and rewarding! Justin proudly introduced us to his new friends and fraternity brothers and stayed in our hotel for the weekend. Being a mom to these two amazing boys is truly my greatest accomplishment!” — Julie Weidenfeld

Julie Weidenfeld RM

Photo courtesy of Julie Weidenfeld

“A boy and his hockey… Despite having parents who are diehard college football fans, this boy’s heart is puck-shaped. His love for the sport is pure and contagious. I could watch him all day.” — Julie Davis

Julie Davis RM

Photo courtesy of Julie Davis

“My favorite picture of my two little ladies is actually a more recent one; it’s from October 2015. We decided to take the girls along with us on our anniversary dinner. Of course, they wanted to get dressed up fancy. But aside from looking super adorable, this picture just totally displays each of their personalities so perfectly. Kara, my three-year-old blonde, has such a silly look on her face and that is just her, silly. She loves being silly, making silly faces and just making everyone laugh. And then my five year old, Kiley, loves to be the center of attention, always wanting eyes on her and her pose just screams, ‘Look at me!'” — Jessica Keipper

Jessica Keipper RM

Photo courtesy of Jessica Keipper

“My favorite photo of my baby… This decision is probably so hard for every mother out there. They’re all my favorite, but to date, being that Violet is only three months old, would have to be the shot with all of her stuffed animals and her in a turtle outfit. She’s so sweet. I am constantly taking photos of her I have always had a passion for the visual arts, especially photography; it’s so nice to have a cutie on hand to be able to prop up in something adorable with a great background and some perfect lighting. She’s a natural! ” — Joni Sclavounos

Joan Sclavounos RM

Photo courtesy of Joan Sclavounos

“My favorite photo of my kids happens to be one that includes my whole family. I had just had my new baby boy and my husband and I were introducing him to our toddler. The picture was taken at the hospital and my newborn was just a day old. I’m in the hospital bed, my husband is seated leaning in holding our newborn and my toddler son is on the bed pointing at his brand new baby brother. It is one of my most favorite pictures. The joy and excitement is evident on our faces. It will be a memory I will cherish for a lifetime.” — Jennifer Metzler

Jennifer Metzler RM

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Metzler

“This is my absolute favorite pic of my boys right now. It shows their true goofy, fun personalities and captures how VERY MUCH they love each other! They are best friends just as my siblings and I are. I hope they are blessed enough to stay that way!!” — Raye Dopson

Raye Dopson RM

Photo courtesy of Raye Dopson