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Celebrating Christmas is best with family and experiencing your favorite activities together. Here, our Resident Moms share the holiday fun their families love best, from ice skating and baking to giving back to others during this beautiful season.

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My favorite holiday activity would be making all of those fantastic cookies with my mom. Being a new mommy to a little girl, I can’t wait until she’s old enough to enjoy this with us. Baking in the house while it’s so cold outside makes for such a cozy feeling. The smell is amazing and besides the end result of delicious cookies, it’s so nice to spend this quality time with my mother. We laugh, talk girl talk, make a mess and more wonderful memories. Our favorite part is making a pot of tea and eating them when we’re finished.” — Joan Sclavounos

Our favorite activity is eating munchies while watching all of the classics: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Year Without Santa Claus, The Grinch, A Christmas Story, etc. We also like Elf, mostly for his singing. 😉 However, my favorite activity is the shopping. Due to budgeting, I don’t do a lot of leisure shopping throughout the year. This is kind of how I make up for that and I just LOVE seeing the others’ faces when they open their gifts! It’s probably why I love this holiday so much.” — Jessica Griffin

Our favorite holiday activity is decorating Christmas cookies, freshly baked together, while listening to Christmas music as a family.” — Alaina Burran


“Our favorite holiday activity is taking a ride on the Polar Express. We get both kids dressed in their pajamas and take a train ride to the North Pole. While on the train, the staff gives out hot chocolate and warm chocolate chip cookies while singing Christmas songs. The best part of the whole trip is that we get to see Santa and his elves!” — Stefanie Salera

“Every year we get together with my brother, sister-in-law and three nieces to take family pictures. We usually have a theme to follow and my sister-in-law takes pictures of each of our families and then a few of all of us together. I love having these pictures to look back on. I also use them for our Christmas cards and I make an ornament with our favorite picture to document each year. It’ll be amazing in a few years to see our family grow through our ornaments on the tree.” — Nicole Zern

“Our favorite holiday tradition is to put a nice casserole or roast in the slow cooker on Christmas Eve around 2 p.m. before going for a really long hike until it gets dark. We get home and dinner is ready! It means the children sleep really well that night despite all the excitement of presents in the morning.” — Alison Carl

“My favorite holiday activity is going to the Cincinnati Zoo with the entire family for the Festival of Lights! They decorate the zoo unbelievably every year and it is like a true winter wonderland!” — Audrey Keyes

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Our favorite holiday activity is going to the Christmas train. It is this cute trolley train that take you around a field with Christmas lights and decorations. It finishes off with the Christmas story. Then afterwards you can go to Mrs. Claus’ house for story time around the Christmas tree and fireplace. Then off to write letters to Santa and place them in his mailbox. Afterwards, we have pizza and hot chocolate then head back inside for pictures with Santa and to look at the model train village. My toddler has a blast! We go every year!” — Jennifer Metzler

Our favorite holiday activity is going to the zoo and walking among the lights. There is also a train ride dubbed the Polar Express during the holidays that takes you around the zoo and a small lake they have. On the lake, they have a light display that is synced to music that the kids love to sit and watch!” — Amy Brunner

“Our favorite holiday activity is being at home and getting the house ready for Christmas. Decorations spill out of the boxes and the kids get excited to decorate the tree. What I like is they get to clean up their school stuff and put them aside until school starts again! When we were in Dubai, I would bake big batches of different shaped cookies and prepare the icing. The kids and their friends loved to paint and eat them. At night, the little elf (or not so little as I was a size XXL then!) would magically transform the cookies into stunning pieces of baking artwork!” — Mayette Mariano

“One of our favorite holiday activities is decorating gingerbread houses. We have progressed from the adults doing most of the work with a little help from the kids to my kids doing everything themselves with me looking on wishing I would be asked to help (maybe next year I will buy a kit for myself!). I save candy like Twizzlers, M&M’s and Skittles from Halloween to make our houses extra unique. I love how my kids’ personalities really come through in the their decorations and they get fancier every year… This year we had candy hot tubs and ice rinks!” — Angie Jones

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Photo Credit: Angie Jones

To me, the season means focusing on what is most important in my family, with a focus on gratitude. Our activities around celebrating the holiday celebrate family, friends and health.  Here are our favorite activities that have become tradition.

  • Giving Tree at our church: Each year we help the ministry to collect, sort, and deliver the gifts in addition to buying gifts.
  • Annual friends holiday celebrations: We are past 10th Annual party mark in many groups from Adopt A Family gift gatherings to ugly Christmas sweater parties.
  • Mom-daughter time: Each year we do activities such as ice skating at Fountain Square. (I fell this year which brought a few extra laughs!) We also make a gift to give, such as ornaments.” — Elisha Herrmann

Our family has a few favorite holiday activities; one of those is our Advent calendar. Our girls love to participate in the countdown of the arrival of Jesus. They get excited every day to see what event or activity they are going to get to do. Oh, and of course the candy. They love the candy part! We also love to bake holiday cookies together. The older my two daughters get, the more involved they want to be in the making and baking!” — Jessica Keipper

“Our favorite holiday activity is our Advent wreath. It brings us together every night to light the candles, remember why we celebrate this season and have a time of thanksgiving and counting our blessings together.” — April Manring