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We’ve got a world of technology at our fingertips. Instead of using it to play Candy Crush or take photos of our pets, why not use it to better your health? These Resident Moms share their favorite apps for health and encourage you to give them a try, too!

“One of my favourite apps is called Fat Secret because it helps me track my food easily. And obviously my all time favorite app is Skinny Mom! I really do use it every day for meals or workouts.” — Alison Carl

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“My favorite fitness app — actually the only one I have — is the Skinny Mom app! I love that it’s so user friendly because I’m not very tech-savy. My favorite part of the app is the recipe section; it’s laid out so nicely! If I’m looking for something specific (the other day it was chicken salad) I can just type it in the search and find all of the choices for that specific thing! No excuse to not stay healthy!” — Erin Johnson

“My favorite app for staying healthy is MyFitnessPal. I love the ability to scan food packages to get the caloric values, I can add exercises to ensure I am fueling my body how I should, and it syncs with my Fitbit. I like that it has a similar interface to Facebook. This makes it easy to compete with friends secretly or not and keep friends as well as yourself on track. The app will even send you a reminder to log for the day. Nagging can be the best motivator at times haha!” — Jessica Griffin

“Hands down my favorite app for staying healthy is MyFitnessPal. The app is very user-friendly and makes logging meals and snacks a breeze! Similar to a personal trainer or dietician, it helps hold me accountable for the things I eat and encourages me to make better decisions. I absolutely LOVE the barcode scanner which ensures that I’m logging the proper foods. It also comes in handy when I’m making a Skinny Mom recipe from scratch and adding it to my food diary to figure out the nutritional value per serving.  There is no doubt in my mind that utilizing MyFitnessPal was the key to my 35+ pound weight loss success!” — Leslie Guzinski

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“My favorite app for staying healthy is the Fitbit app. It tells me how active I’ve been and I can track my calories and water consumption through it too. It nudges me to be more active when I’m close to my goal and on days when I’m feeling less motivated.” — Dani Davis

“My favorite app for staying healthy is MyFitnessPal. I love that I can log my daily food intake, my workouts and other important information. I also love the encouragement and accountability of the community part of it.” — Charity Kinneer

“Keeping on track is easy for me with the MyFitnessPal app! It’s great to be able to calorie count; it has everything you can think of to eat and drink!” — Alaina Burran

“I’m working hard in 2016 to be fit, so I have a lot of apps that I am working with daily like Fitbit. But right now I love Motion Traxx; they have workouts like spin, cardio, etc., just like you would do with a live trainer. You just press play and go. It keeps you motivated when you just want to be lazy, but need accountability when there’s not a class available. Also, RockMyRun rocks my world because it has pre-developed run playlists based on your mood. And if you want, you can also have the tempo change as you rev up and down in your run as well as based on your preferred running time!” — Autumn Reo


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“I keep trying other food log apps, but MyFitnessPal is my favorite. I can upload the recipes from Skinny Mom and even tweak them if I made any changes. You can set your own goals, then the app tells you how many calories you need per day to reach your goal. What’s even better is how you can see your macros. Sometimes when trying to lose weight it’s not just calories in and out, but what percentage of fat, carbs and protein you are consuming that can make you gain or lose weight.” — Kelly Duplantis

“My favorite app for staying healthy has to be my Fitbit app! Not only does it track my exercise and steps, it also syncs with so many other health-related apps on my phone to keep track of all of the exercise I do and everything I eat.” — Samantha Gordon

“This is a toughie! While I love my Fitbit dearly, my favorite app for staying healthy would be MyFitnessPal. Having an actual food diary makes weight loss so much easier. Temptation isn’t as strong when you have the actual calorie number of what you’re putting into your mouth right in front of you. Plus, I love that no matter where you’re eating or what you’re eating, there’s a good chance that it’s logged in the system for you to add. It’s also especially great for macro counting when you’re training.” — Nicole Leslie

“I have gone through quite a few apps to help reach my fitness goals. I have to say my favorite app for tracking food, exercise and water is MyNetDiary. My favorite workout apps are C25K, Sworkit and 7 Minute Workout. These help me switch it up when I’m not doing a workout video. ” — Stacey Mueller

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“When it comes to health and wellness, I turn to the MyFitnessPal app. Whether I need to lose a few pounds that snuck in over the holidays or I’m working to maintain a healthy weight, I track it all in MFP. I’m not a big calorie counter, but I love the accountability of knowing what I’ve eaten… including the little bites throughout the day that can add up to big calories. Connecting with friends and encouraging each other through the app adds to the accountability. It’s a great overall fitness app!” — Julie Davis

“My favorite app for staying healthy is the Fitbit app. You actually don’t have to have a Fitbit to use it. The app tracks everything in one place. Your water intake, food, exercise, sleep and I could go on. It also links to outside apps such as Nike+ Running and Lose It!. It really is an all-in-one kind of app!” — Lena Lawson