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Love is in the air and February 14 marks the day of hearts, candies and flowers galore. But some of the best memories of this holiday can come from simple, sweet moments or handmade gifts. Check out some of our Resident Moms’ favorite Valentine’s Day memories, then share your own!

“One year my husband surprised our daughter and me with a trip to Disney World, yeah! The following year was another surprise: two big gift bags full of matching horse riding gear and a weekly duty to riding lessons for both my daughter and me, dream come true! BUT, my favorite Valentine’s Day memory would be V-Day 2014. Just two days before, we welcomed a new addition to our family and spent Valentine’s Day in the hospital with our new son, decorating a box of heart-shaped cookies together! Not even the most extravagant gifts in the world could top that moment.” — Brigette Batton

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Photo courtesy of Brigette Batton

“My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is making my now husband chocolate-covered strawberries in college… when he hated strawberries. Of course, now he loves them!” — Alaina Burran

“The best Valentine’s Day memory was in 2006. I told my boyfriend (now husband) that I could only meet him for dinner in between our college towns because I had to get back for class the next day. We met for dinner and I ended up surprising him by hiding in his apartment – except when he got home he didn’t walk into his bedroom, so I was stuck under his heavy comforter (waiting to surprise/scare him). I ended up having to go out and find him! He was still shocked and I surprised him with a homemade book of “our story,” which he has kept to this day!” — Brittany Carter

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Photo courtesy of Brittany Carter

“My favorite Valentine’s Day memory dates back to the days before cute boys and exchanging candy-filled cards. It isn’t something romantic or life-changing, but it meant the world to me. Ever since I can remember, my mom would always pack up a goodie bag with a sweet note and a few small gifts and leave it by my bed for me to wake up to in the morning. My mom was in and out of the hospital while I was growing up but she never missed a Valentine’s Day gift. She was my most special valentine. Love you, Mom!” — Cristi Balke

“Years ago when my husband and I first started dating, he had bought his first new truck. I filled it with balloons, confetti and candies. 10+ years later when we sold it, we still were finding confetti in nooks and crannies!” — Rhea Hodges