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Some say that if you’re craving citrus during pregnancy, it’s a girl! And if salty foods are your weakness, you’re having a boy! But some pregnancy cravings and combinations are just too weird to explain. Check out some of our Resident Moms’ strangest pregnancy cravings to see how your favorite foods with baby stack up.

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“My strangest pregnancy craving was steak smothered in cream cheese. Baby was craving iron and fat!” – Amy Benchener

“Coconut! Not so strange for most, but it was for me. I had detested the smell, taste, texture, etc. of coconut my entire life. When we got pregnant with our second son, suddenly I wanted to bathe in it! I am now an official coconut addict! Thanks baby!” – Raye Dopson

“Throughout my entire pregnancy, my favorite food was canned black olives. I added it to everything I was eating. Salad, sandwiches… I even contemplated wrapping some up inside of fruit leather for the worlds most disgusting taco! Thank goodness, I never did give in to that particular pregnancy urge.” – Stephanie Gardener

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“With my oldest son I craved milk and cottage cheese. I could go through a gallon of milk by myself every other day and I would eat one of those huge cottage cheese containers in about the same amount of time. I couldn’t get enough!” – Charity Kinneer

“I generally eat clean so when I would eat grilled cheese, Claussen pickles and Sour Patch Kids at the same sitting, people were just confused.” – Megan Robison

“Tropical fruits got me through my pregnancy. The strongest craving was for unsweetened, unsulfered dried mango and frozen pineapple as the weather got warmer. Those got me through the hot southern summer for my daughter’s November birth.” – April Manring

“Fish. My weirdest pregnancy craving was fish. The smell alone would turn many expecting mothers’ tender tummies and have them running to the nearest bathroom, but I couldn’t get enough. I had read about the dangers of consuming mercury while pregnant so I really tried to watch my intake, but it was tough. In the end, all was well and I have a very smart little girl. I partly contribute my daughter’s intelligence to all that “brain food” she received in utero, in addition to her mom’s genes of course!” – Angel Wheeler

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“My strangest pregnancy craving was cilantro. I ate it by the pound on my Mexican salads. I had never really been a fan before, but oh, the urge! And it is so good for you! My baby taught me how to eat well already in utero, I suppose!” – Jessica Wright

“My strangest cravings when I was pregnant were mangoes and milk. I must have visited EVERY local grocery store each week to find the best mangoes and GALLONS of milk. I can no longer even tolerate milk, but I still love mangoes!” – Rachel Tipton

“While pregnant with my son, the old wives’ tale stating that women pregnant with boys craved salty foods definitely proved true. I wanted anything salty I could get my hands on. With that said, I also was pregnant in the heat of summer and wanted to avoid heavy meals. Well, let’s just say breakfast sausage chopped up in a salad was one of my most craved meals!” – Alaina Burran

“My pregnancy cravings actually gave me away. The day before I found out, I had an intense craving for spicy food. So bad, I got into an argument with a colleague over where we were going for lunch. This was after I had been putting hot sauce on everything for a week! The very next day my colleague Emily followed me into my office and asked, “Are you pregnant?” I was shocked, since I had only found out that morning. My spicy cravings stuck with me up until I delivered, and thankfully never causes me heart burn! Only a few swift kicks from my strong baby boy.” – Treenah Kight