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Zombies, ghosts, witches… pizza slices and sunflowers? Halloween costumes are a time to get creative, become your favorite character or allow Mom to show off (or fail at) her DIY skills. Everyone has that one year they’ll never forget, and our Resident Moms share their most memorable costumes here!

“My most memorable Halloween costume is a recent one! My twins were in preschool last year and, as a class, they had a Halloween party and were able to dress up. The kids then took class time and went trick-or-treating within the school. Parents were encouraged to come during class time to help pass out candy/treats at the various stations. When the day came, I dropped the twins off at school, then went home to change! I quickly returned and surprised the twins dressed as Snow White! Their looks of shock and excitement made my day!” – Amy Brunner

snow white costume

Photo Courtesy of Amy Brunner

“My most memorable Halloween costume is from high school. Some friends and I went as a deck of cards. One of the moms made the costumes for us from white sheets and felt. We put cards in our hair and on our shoes. I remember a bit of a fight over who got to be the Queen of Hearts (I lost!) and it’s a costume that we all still talk about today!” – Tracy Lee 

cards costumes

Photo Courtesy of Tracy Lee

“My husband and I dressed as Wayne and Garth one year. I love costumes that provoke a good response and ones that are comfortable! Long gone are the days of my college past where a ‘sexy’ costume was worn. I now long for practicality and hilarity!

That year, I wore my hair naturally (with a little teasing), my actual glasses, no makeup and my husband’s flannel and jeans! The only things we needed to buy were a plain black hat and a wig. I drew the logo on the hat and it was time to ‘Party on Wayne, party on Garth!'” – Meghan Lee

wayne and garth costumes

Photo Courtesy of Meghan Lee

“Growing up, Halloween was just as important in my house as Christmas was. My mom loved Halloween! She had an entire box dedicated to Halloween decorations, leftover costumes and makeup to be used again and again. One costume that I will always remember and that makes me laugh to this day is a simple DIY, Mom-made costume of a pair of dice. That’s right; I was dressed as a pair of dice with my sister. We each wore a white-painted black-spotted box with white faces. So here’s to all the DIY moms out there. A dice costume this Halloween could be your kiddo’s most memorable costume some day, too.” – Tricia Hursh

dice costume

Photo Courtesy of Tricia Hursh

“It’s pretty sad when your kid runs away from you and, for punishment, you threaten them that you’ll cackle like a witch… But that’s what happens when you dress up as Dorothy, the Tin Man and Mom as the Wicked Witch. (I had way too much fun with this and have used the threat to do it again if my kids are really mean!)” – Autumn Reo

wicked witch costume

Photo Courtesy of Autumn Reo

“I think I was 6 years old and was dressed up as a princess. I thought I looked just like one and I felt really special. That was up until I answered the door to hand out some candy to the trick-or-treaters and I was told by one of the boys they could see my panties. Little did I know the skirt was completely see-through! I did end up putting something on underneath and went out with my head held up high.” – Kelly Duplantis

princess costume

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Duplantis

“I don’t have many Halloween memories because I stopped trick­-or­-treating when I was 9 years old, but there is one Halloween costume that will haunt my sister and I for the rest of our lives! I was either 8 or 9 years old when my ma thought it would be a fan-­freaking-tastic idea to make our costumes, which would later be known as slices of pizza while carrying a Casey’s General Store pizza box as our candy container. I will note that I had the strength to keep the costume on much longer than my sister. She hated it! So please enjoy the photo of my sister and I as Casey’s Pizza Slices for Halloween! I am on the left and my sister is on the right.” – Brittney Dries

pizza costumes

Photo Courtesy of Brittney Dries

“I went through a Pippi Longstocking phase as a kid – after all, she had red hair and freckles just like me… Obviously, she was cool! One Halloween, my mom helped me put a patchwork dress together with funky knee-high socks and old shoes. I even had the braided pigtails that stuck straight out from my head (properly placed wire will do the trick). It is still my favorite costume from my childhood – sometimes I think about re-creating it when taking my kids out trick-or-treating!” – Denise Jensen

“My most memorable Halloween costume was two years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I had him desperately trying to climb out of my womb! (Not literally.) It was creepy, hilarious, fun, cheap, easy to make and it got a lot of great reactions! All-time fave for sure! Happy haunting!” – Brigette Batton

baby costume

Photo Courtesy of Brigette Batton

“My most memorable Halloween costume was when I was 5 years old and my mom dressed me up as a sunflower. The other kids were dressed up as ghosts or zombies with fake blood on their faces. Because my mom wasn’t a big fan of Halloween, I walked around with huge petals around my face. I was pretty cute but it was more appropriate for a spring school play. Well, at least it made people smile!” – Keocha LaFleur-Anders

My favorite Halloween costume was the Halloween my husband and I were engaged. We went to a party and I dressed up as Jessi Spano; he dressed up as AC Slater. A couple of our friends dressed up as Kelly Capowski and Zach Morris! We had a blast all night singing, ‘I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so… scared.’  We were all avid “Saved by the Bell” viewers growing up!! We still coordinate our costumes as a family and have so much fun dressing up every year.” – Brittany Carter

Saved by the Bell costumes

Photo Courtesy of Brittany Carter

“My most memorable Halloween costume was as a pregnant lady headed to labor and delivery. I was 9 months pregnant with twins and ready to explode!  I had been on bed rest for three months at was finally allowed to go out right around this time in October. So, I went to a Halloween party in my PJ’s with my bag packed like I was headed to the hospital, and my hubby went as a doctor. I secretly hoped our costumes would bring on the labor. Alas, my stubborn boys stayed cooking for almost two more weeks before making their grand arrival!” – Deanna Pecina