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Sheldon Cooper has “his spot” and you’ve probably got yours. It’s the place that you feel most comfortable, do your best thinking and let yourself breathe. It calms you when you need some reassurance and sparks your imagination when you’re looking for something new to try. Here are some of our Resident Moms’ favorite places to kick back and rid their thoughts of all life’s problems.

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“My favorite place to relax in an ideal world would be on the patio sipping my coffee. However, sometimes just being in the car by myself with some great music and the windows down will do!”– Kim Toma

“Running! Doesn’t matter the time of day or location, running is absolutely the only place where solitude can be found. I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner, what bills to pay or answer any ‘Mommy, can we…?’ questions. Better yet, I don’t have to answer any ‘Honey, where’s (insert generic item here)?’ questions. No work, no husband, no kids; just me, my running shoes and the pavement. Bliss.”  – Jillian Marques

“My favorite place to relax is in the arms of my husband on the couch.”– Alaina Burran

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“When you are a stay-at-home mom to three toddlers, finding time to relax throughout the day is pretty scarce. Scheduling an appointment with my massage therapist is my go-to place for relaxing. It truly is the only place I can shut down (my iPhone, iPad, brain and the world) and just focus on me.”– Leslie Guzinski

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“My favorite place to relax is by the water. I’m most relaxed curled up on the end of a dock with a book!”– Charity Kinneer

“My favorite place to relax is at our cottage on Lake Ontario. There’s something about the water, being with friends and family and on a boat that is so soothing and relaxing. Whether we are just hanging around in our yard playing games with the kids, riding bikes, playing horseshoes, playing KanJam, jet skiing, tubing or just floating in the lake, it’s always relaxing and a nice place to just kick back and forget about all the day-to-day things we have going on in our lives. To be by the water with the one you love: nothing beats it!”– Jessica Keipper

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