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Christmas, summer vacations, collective acts of kindness and even nightly routines can be some of our most cherished moments with our families. They are so precious that we choose to repeat them — every year, month or day — and they quickly become recurring household events. Check out some of our Resident Moms’ favorite family traditions.

“My favorite family tradition that we’ve cultivated with our two children (ages one and three) is the nighttime routine. I bathe the kids, my husband dresses them, and then we all snuggle in our bed and read stories and sing the “I love you” song while they drink their milk. This usually calms my hyper toddlers down nicely, and we get extra snuggle time with them before putting them to bed. At the end, we have two kids quietly in bed, and freedom to just be grown ups again!” — Danielle Faust

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“My family consists of myself and my teenage son.  Our tradition is to pick a city for a summer vacation and attend a baseball game in that city. Since I work for a hotel, we attempt to pick cities where we can stay at one of the hotels included in my chain’s portfolio with a major league baseball team.” — Staci Wells

“My favorite family tradition is spending Christmas night at my parents house. Since I was little, Christmas night was a big night at my families house. We all sit around, eat good food and enjoy wonderful company. Now my brother, sister and I all have kids so they are a part of this wonderful tradition… one that will always be cherished by all.” — Courtney Santarsiero

“Our favourite tradition takes place once a week. As a family, we decide who we can show kindness towards and then map out a plan. It’s usually pretty simple like making and bringing treats to the staff at our gym, bringing a cooler of cold drinks to the folks running carpool in the summer, or leaving flowers on someone’s front porch with a note of gratitude. The kids enjoy this very much and love making someone’s day.” — Liz McClellan

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“This tradition started in 2009 following the death of my only sister, Gayle. She and her husband had three girls and Christmas was Gayle’s favorite holiday. From making Christmas cookies to choosing an individual ornament to add to their tree for each girl every year, Gayle’s house had become Christmas Central. She worked so hard to make the season enjoyable and we all grew to love and look forward to Christmas. So, upon her passing, none of us really could grasp how to have Christmas without her and her traditions. She just isn’t replaceable to any of us, so duplicating what she use to do just wasn’t right. We opted for Pokeno and wings on Christmas Eve. So every Christmas Eve myself, my son, Gayle’s girls — now all in their 20s — and her husband Kelly, and our mother gather together to play a board game called Pokeno and eat, usually, wings. We love the time together over the holidays. While it’s not quite like Gayle used to do it, I think, for us, it is a way that we can all still be together and enjoy what Gayle caused to be for us, our favorite holiday.” — Joi Yeldell

“My favorite family tradition is on Christmas morning when my family and I would all get in our robes and drink hot chocolate together while opening Christmas presents, all while listening to our favorite holiday tunes. I plan to continue the tradition with my own family.” — Alaina Burran

“My favorite family tradition happens every week when my daughter and I practice Meatless Monday! Daddy works night on Mondays and it has become a quite nice and educational experience for both us.Our favorite dish is cauliflower pizza with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil on top.” — Jessica Wright

“We love playing board games on the deck while the sun sets during the summer. We can hear my old high school marching band practicing, so it’s always fun to listen to the music echoing off the hills!” — Jessica Cheek