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In choosing to eat well, exercise and live a healthier lifestyle, having a strong source of motivation is vital. Without a driving force, it’s nearly impossible stay on track and achieve positive results. If you aren’t sure from where your inspiration should come, read some of our Resident Moms’ biggest fitspirations, then search for your own.

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Be a role model: “My biggest fitspiration has to be the power of generational influence and mentorship. I grew up with a strong, healthy mom who had a major impact on my desire to live an active life. And now that I’m a mom, I can see just how important it is to model healthy living for my daughter. It’s beautiful to think about the influence we can have on future generations while looking to those who’ve done well before us.” — Jordan Weaver

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Build a fit life: “My biggest fitspiration: Chalene Johnson! She is a fitness instructor and also a business coach. I believe that fitness is the pathway to better relationships, improved productivity and overall happiness. Chalene helped me see things this way. I want to be like her when I grow up!” — Rachel Tipton

Look for the positives: “I love FitSpo! My favorite fitspiration is: ‘Today I have to get to work out.’ It reminds me I am blessed with a healthy body that is able to be active and workout. Being reminded of the choice I get to make to be healthy is super motivating for me. I try to replace the phrase ‘have to’ with ‘get to’ anywhere I can in daily life as a way to keep perspective.” — Julie Davis

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Be fit together: “My biggest fitspiration is all the moms (working or stay at-home) on social media getting it done and taking care of themselves! I stay healthy for me, for my son and because I want to look good for my husband but moms like @kellyphillips07, @saraheevans_livingfitnclean and @latinasinmotion give me the inspiration to keep going. The motivation gives me that push to make time for my workouts and helps me stay goal oriented.” — Lena Lawson

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Remember how far you’ve come: “My biggest fitspiration is the memory of how quickly my body bounced back after pregnancy by maintaining an exercise regimen both before, during, and then after having my son. It motivates me to keep it up!” — Alaina Burran