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As we celebrate the fathers in our lives, it’s important to consider how they have changed us as parents and as people. Children often learn the most valuable lessons from parents when they don’t realize it, by simply watching and mimicking the way they are shown love and interaction. Our fathers have taught us so much about being strong, successful adults and, in turn, we are able to share those lessons with our own families. Here are a few of our Resident Moms’ thoughts on how their fathers and husbands shaped their parenting style.


“Being a strong parent 24/7 can be taxing. While children are an endless source of joy, they can deprive you of energy almost simultaneously. My husband Travis constantly inspires me and makes me a stronger mom. By supporting me and treating me as an equal, I can rely on him as we raise our son. Most of the time it’s the little things, like getting up with the baby or picking him up after work so I can go to boot camp. As a dad, he exceeds my expectations and as a husband he is one of my biggest blessings.” — Treenah Kight

“Patient, loving and always there. Those are the first three things that come to mind when I think of my daddy. As a child, I cannot remember a time when he lost his temper and, mind you, I’m speaking of a man who raised seven girls. Yet, I cannot ever remember a time that he lost his control. I cannot ever remember a time that he was not there when a hug, a word of advice, ready to assist when words of wisdom were sought. No matter how many hours he just worked on his feet, he was there (and still is) for his girls. Am I perfect? No. Was my daddy? Probably not. But because there was so much love, I don’t remember anything else. That is the goal my husband and I have for our family. We want our boys to know without a doubt that they are loved and adored every single day. My husband always says, ‘We have all we need — us. We love our boys and they love us. Who needs anything more than that?’ — Raye Dopson

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“I’m a stay-at-home mother to two little girls, ages four and three. As you can imagine, they keep me quite busy, not to mention all their daily needs on top of running them back and forth to school and all of their extracurricular activities. It keeps me going daily. I couldn’t imagine having to work full time and still find time to do all those things with my girls. But my husband does work full time and still comes home every night and is ready to play with the girls, help make dinner, or do things around the house. He’s taught me that even in our tiredest moments, it’s important to keep on pushing!” — Jessica Keipper

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“My dad has played a crucial role in who I have become as an adult. Saying I am my father’s daughter would be an understatement. Growing up he encouraged and challenged me to develop my interests. I have transferred this into my parenting by taking note of what my children love and encouraging them to continue doing what they love while encouraging their development. My husband has taken on the role of fatherhood excellently. He has shown how to excellently balance a business and fatherhood in a way that does not compromise either role.” — Nicole Miller

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“My dad was a man of very few words, yet many deep thoughts. After his passing, I discovered several journals and essays that revealed deep emotions and told stories that only he experienced. As a parent, he was far from perfect and, in his last years, he apologized on several occasions for his shortcomings as a father. The one thing that impacted me the most about his parenting, amid all his perceived failures, was his lack of criticism. I cannot remember him ever criticizing or judging me or my choices in life; whether I deserved it or not. On the other hand, he was an encourager. He encouraged me and my sister to follow our dreams regardless of the cost or time they took. He accepted us as we were with no pressure to be anything but true to ourselves. I take this piece of him with me as I parent my own daughter. I hope she too can know the love and acceptance I have for her as a special and unique person, with no fear of criticism or judgment.” — Angel Wheeler

Happy Father’s Day!