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In the weeks leading up to Christmas, children are reminded to be on their best behavior by Santa’s smiling little spy: the Elf on the Shelf. But how did the sneaky red-clothed elf in your house get its name? Our Resident Moms share their elves’ names here!

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We introduced the Elf on the Shelf to our daughter when she had just turned three. It was an exciting time for her because we told how he reports to Santa daily and made sure she was always on her best behavior. Score for Mommy and Daddy! The day she got it we read her the story and told her that her elf needed a name. She pondered about it for a brief moment and came up with the name Twinkle. I thought that name was perfect because one of her favorite songs that we would sing together as a family was ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. She can’t wait for Twinkle to make his debut very soon.” — Courtney Santarsiero

It’s not too original but it was a cute story. I had just had my youngest baby and my older son was feeling confused about the new baby and how much Mommy time it took from him. I bought the Elf on the Shelf and explained why he was here, what he did, and we read the book together. My son just kept calling the elf Shelfy, so that’s how Shelfy got his name.” — Daniella Davis


“Our elf’s name is the product of Caleb’s love for all things sports and entertainment. Alabama Rockstar, or “AR” now for short, has been with our family for four years now. I am an alumni of the University of Alabama and our fall Saturdays are spent watching lots of football! We are also a big music family, always having on our favorite tunes or watching an awards show. Whether it’s on the field or on the stage, Caleb knows what it means to be a rockstar. He says our elf’s name are two of his favorite things.” — Julie Davis

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“We started when my oldest was about three or four. We had just shown him the Santa Claus movie with Tim Allen, so our elf got named Bernard.” — Amy Brunner

“My son is too young [to have an Elf on the Shelf]. We’re hoping to start when he’s three in a couple of years. My nieces’ elf’s name is Snowflake. I actually came up with it. They didn’t like any of the names my sis-in-law came up with, so I just started spouting out winter things!” — Nicole Zern

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“I wish I had a good story to share. Ours is Max and I have no idea how we came up with that! My kids were young so my husband or I must’ve suggested the name.” — Angie Jones

“Mommy got to name ours! I love the movie Elf, especially the awkward scene where he is leaving the North Pole for the first time, so I named him Mr. Narwhal.” — Amy Benchener