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Some kids like to exercise. Other kids like to make their parents exercise. Whether you’re running with or after your little ones, working out as a family promotes healthy habits and can create lasting memories which may quickly become traditions. In the midst of our 31 Days of Active Challenge, here’s how some of our Resident Moms get moving with their families.

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“With young children, physical activity definitely requires planning and flexibility! My husband and I make sure to get our own workouts in first thing in the morning so that the demands of the day don’t get in the way of putting our health first. As a family with a 3.5-year- and 3.5-month-old, we spend a lot of time taking walks and riding bikes around our neighborhood, often while wearing the baby in a carrier. On these hot days of summer, we also spend three or so days per week swimming at our fitness club’s outdoor pool.” — Amy Benchener

“My husband and I stay active by running after our 16-month-old son! As for him, he’s always on the run!” — Alaina Burran

“Being active is a priority in our family. I work out at home or our local YMCA five to six days a week. My 9-year-old son loves to do my “stretch workouts” with me (he even wakes up early to do them!) and he takes kid-oriented classes at the Y. He is also quite the athlete, playing hockey in the fall and winter and baseball in the spring. During the warmer months, he and I love to hit the tennis court on Saturday mornings. In the fall and winter, you’ll find us skating at the ice rink.” — Julie Davis

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Photo Credit: Julie Davis

“I have a 3-year-old daughter so my husband and I take her for walks daily so she stays active, too!” — Courtney Santarsiero

“One thing my family and I really like to do is go outside after we eat dinner every night. In our neighborhood, we have a paved walking path that goes throughout the neighborhood and even around a pond. Many nights, we will walk the paths and especially go around the pond. There’s a little wooden bridge that goes over a stream and my two girls love to cross it. One of our favorite things to do now, though, is ride our bikes. Since both of my girls can finally ride their bikes, all four of us get our helmets on and go. Often times, we end up riding our bikes a bit longer than we said we would! Other nights, we won’t do either a walk or a bike ride, but we play outside. Lately, we’ve been playing chalk games and teeball!” — Jessica Keipper

“Our family seems to always be on the go. So, we have to look for every opportunity to relax together. But, no one said relaxing can’t also include being active. Our ‘relactivity’ is going to the pool and spending time IN the water. We parents don’t hang outside in the sun chair, we are in the water throwing the boys around, pretending we’re dolphins and carrying them on our backs. Just having plain old clean family fun!” — Raye Dopson

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Photo Credit: Raye Dopson

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