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Even the biggest fitness fans get tired of the same old routine every day. Whether it’s finding a new location for your outdoor jog, trying a new class at your gym or adding a friend into the mix, keeping your workouts exciting is the key to staying the course. Check out how our Resident Moms keep from getting the workout blues.

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“Switch it up! There are so many options for getting in a good workout. I found that I really enjoy the explosive cardio and conditioning I get from kickboxing; it pushes me to my limits. As much as I love it, I like to switch it up too. I do kickboxing three times a week and the other days I will take it outside and go for a run and try new trails, city runs and park runs. I aim for at least four to five miles. But I started with just a few runs around the block and just kept going from there. I find my Om with yoga, whether it’s at home or free classes in the park. It’s a great peaceful way to find my Om.

When there is no time because mom duty calls, then I sneak in a 15-30 minute workout. I will do weight or weight-free total-body HIIT workouts at home. There are plenty of apps and online videos that offer great workout options.  Hiking is another great way to break a sweat. If there is a trail, take it and see what’s at the end of the climb. The scenery could be absolutely breathtaking and worth the sweat. As a full-time mom and a full-time employee, it could be tricky and I have to be creative, but even doing standing calf raises and taking the stairs at work is better than doing nothing.” – Jackie Osornio Perez

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Keeping my exercises exciting is not difficult. I always like to try something new and different and change my time. I mix cardio with strength training, do active yoga, balance, core or simply go out for a run. I also set small and realistic goals and follow a role model who makes me challenge myself. I allow myself to get a reward one day a week for all the effort and progress I have made and go at my own pace. I like to buy new exercise clothes that help me to make it exciting. I enjoy every movement; every workout is for me and I make it a therapy. Just have fun and don’t see it like you are torturing yourself.” – Annette Eliza

I do Facebook challenges with my friends. They last anywhere from two to four weeks and we post each day when the daily task is completed. This makes it exciting to see what the workout is going to be. It also keeps me accountable because others know if I’m checking in and posting when I completed my workout!” – Rhea Hodges

Working out or running four to six times of week sometimes puts me in a lull. Here are a few things I have done to mix up my workout:

  • Sign up for an event: “Queen Bee Half Marathon”
  • Join a challenge: 30-Day Plank Challenge
  • Join your friend’s workout: running buddy or a new class
  • Look for free intro programs to try something new
  • Change location: try a new park to run in
  • Try a new online workout: YouTube
  • Take a few days off to find a new perspective” – Elisha Herrmann

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I keep my workouts exciting by changing it up and trying new things. I love trying new formats of fitness; I just added aerial fitness to my routine, so it’s a whole new challenge for me to work towards!” – Rachel Tipton

“Working out can be just as mentally challenging as it is physically, so switching things up helps keep me from getting bored. Two to three days a week I like to participate in classes such as Pump & Cut, Bootcamp, or HIIT offered at my local gym. The other days I will either run, do the stair climber, stationary bike or a combination of all. I also love to go for family bike rides at night around our neighborhood and meet up with girlfriends for a long run on the weekends!” – Leslie Guzinski

“I work out six days a week. I need to keep my workouts exciting, otherwise I am doing the same things over and over and easily get bored. I do a lot of running, so on my running days, I make sure I switch up how many miles I do and make sure I take different routes. Other days, I will take a group exercise class at the YMCA. I’ll take a spin, core or interval class. On days I’m not taking a class or running, I go to Pinterest and find a few different strength training moves from different websites and create my own workout routine. It really helps break up my exercise and I constantly feel like I’m doing something new which keeps me excited and makes me want to keep moving!” – Jessica Keipper

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I keep my workouts exciting by printing off workouts from Skinny Mom and keeping them all in a folder. Before I begin exercising, I pull one out!” – Alaina Burran

‘To keep my workouts from becoming monotonous and boring, I always change the music I listen to. It doesn’t always have to be upbeat but it has to be motivating. Sometimes the slower songs allow for double time strides for running or cross-country skiing. Music keeps me motivated!” – Christina Collins

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“The biggest thing I do to keep my workouts challenging is by participating in monthly challenges as fitness coach. Each month, I map out my workout and put it on the calendar as a non-negotiable appointment with myself. I especially like having access to Beachbody On Demand because I can always find something new and fresh to keep me challenged. Most of all, being a part of an online community where I check in daily keeps me motivated and seeking out new and fun things to inspire both my challengers and myself.” – Deanna Pecina

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