It gets earlier every year – gift guides arrive in the mailbox, Christmas tunes play in your favorite department store and decorations are sold in red and green before Halloween arrives. But how early is too early to embrace the holiday spirit? Does too early even exist? Our Resident Moms share when they begin celebrating the Christmas season in full force here.


First, the early birds:

Prancer was a favorite Christmas movie of mine growing up, not just because I love animals and it centered on one of Santa’s reindeer, but because the main character, a girl named Jessica Riggs, listened to Christmas music all year and that always resonated with me. I proudly welcome Christmas whenever the mood strikes. This year it was October 14 and I’m perfectly okay with that. The message of Christmas shouldn’t be relegated to December. Traditions. Giving. Kindness. Imagine what the world would be like if we kept these simple holiday themes a focus throughout year.” – Jill Williams

“I get in the holiday spirit as early as possible! Hallmark Christmas movies are on [my TV] as soon as they start showing, our tree is fake so we can leave it up as long as possible, and Christmas cards are ordered and presents wrapped by the end of November. Christmas is magical, and celebrating it with my two little ones makes me treasure every moment.” – Amy Benchener

Since I live in the same town as Mickey Mouse, I get in the Christmas spirit as soon as the life-sized gingerbread house is done at the Grand Floridian hotel. My kids and I visit all of the resorts at Disney wearing Christmas outfits and sipping iced hot cocoa. It is hot here! Disney brings that magical holiday feeling even when it is 91 degrees outside.” – Bethany Wallace

Florida life-sized gingerbread house

Photo Credit: Inside the Magic

Some hold off until the week of Thanksgiving.

I have to physically refrain from decorating for Christmas right after Halloween! Christmastime is by far my favorite time of year. Normally I decorate my house when I’m off work during the week of Thanksgiving.” – Charity Kinneer

Our Christmas decor is always up by Thanksgiving, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t listen to Christmas music in the beginning of November!” – Alaina Burran

“I love Christmas!! The gatherings, the colors, the food, the repeat of “Jingle Bells”, I even love the snow, so it takes all of me to not yank the Halloween decorations down on November 1st in order to start decking my halls with lots of holly... Problem is, my kids are still in Halloween mode well into the second week of November, so we wait ’til the weekend of the local Santa Claus parade — typically the weekend before Thanksgiving. We spend the afternoon readying the house and making our tree invisible (too many ornaments, I say, TOO MANY ORNAMENTS!), then we top it off sitting with hot chocolate and watching the firemen, um, I mean parade.” – Toni Jamieson

Santa at Christmas parade

Photo Credit: Alabama Media Group

Others allow Turkey Day to pass.

I get in the Christmas spirit when we start decorating for the holidays. We usually pull out all the boxes with our Christmas decorations the week of Thanksgiving, and then the Friday after Thanksgiving is when we put up the tree and start decorating. It’s also when we start wrapping presents. My husband and I buy things for each other and our children throughout the year. So we’ll spend an evening with all the gifts out for our kids and decide what we’re giving them, what will come from Santa, and what we’re going to put aside for another occasion. The weekend after Thanksgiving is also when we send out our holiday cards, and usually start receiving them from friends and family.” – Katy Seymour

“I am a huge Christmas fan and am always tempted to decorate right after Halloween, but I make myself wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Friday morning, I pull everything upstairs and dive right in. This is the first year in a while that I have space for a tree since we bought a home earlier this year. I can’t wait to decorate!” – Nicole Zern

When do I get in the Christmas spirit? Right after eating as much as I can and am in the euphoric yet painful belly-full state from Thanksgiving dinner. Once I am at that point, I am ready for trees, lights, presents, snow and Santa, but not a moment before. Once Thanksgiving is over, BOOM! I’m all in. I love putting out all of my decorations. The first Christmas with my husband, he came home to see the house decorated and said, ‘Wow, it looks like Christmas threw up in our house.’ I took that as a job well done.” – Stacey McMath


“We are a day after Thanksgiving family! Tree goes up Thanksgiving night and then the next day is carols and decorating the house. Truth be told, I could start the day after Halloween but I make myself wait until we’re finished with the Thanksgiving holiday.” – Raye Dopson

“Growing up we waited until the night after Thanksgiving to pick out a tree. Specifically it was a Douglas Fir. And I’m a little bummed that we don’t have those where I live now. After picking out the perfect tree we would set it up and play Christmas music while we decorated the tree. I am carrying on this tradition with my own little family. Just not the type of fir tree. I also refuse to listen to any Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. For me the waiting makes everything so much more special.” – Kelly Duplantis

“When I get into the Christmas spirit, it is NEVER until after Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! However, I do feel like Thanksgiving should have its time as well. I love the end of the year just because it’s nice to have everyone together. Christmas is most definitely the prettiest holiday in my book. I love the silvers and blues the most. I also LOVE Christmas music. Is it even legal to not have a Beach Boys Christmas album? If it is, I want to change that!” – Jessica Griffin


“The Christmas spirit starts for me as soon as the turkey has been eaten, the dishes done and the pumpkin pie waiting to be eaten! As soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, I’m ready for Christmas! I go shopping very early Black Friday, so Thanksgiving night I go through all of the sales ads and get my game plan completed! We always get our Christmas tree also either Friday or Saturday, once that is in the house the decorations go up and the Christmas music is allowed to come on the car!” – Jessica Keipper

“I get into the Christmas spirit after Thanksgiving. I feel that thanksgiving is often ‘overlooked’ or rushed, let’s say, because of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, it’s my favorite time of the year, let’s just not forget Thanksgiving and all the joyous gatherings that take place on this day, as well! I’m also a last minute shopper, so in all honesty me distancing myself from Christmas approaching is my way of dealing with my procrastination problem. Yes, it helps me sleep at night!” – Brigette Batton


“I have a strict policy against getting my Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving for a couple reasons. One is that I feel like Thanksgiving doesn’t get the recognition it deserves but I LOVE it! I plan my menu for months. I love getting together with my family, being intentional in our thanks and recognizing the many blessings God has given us, endless cooking and baking, wine… everything! My other, more selfish reason for waiting to start with Christmas is… my birthday! We always celebrate my birthday (also my moms) on Thanksgiving Day.  So, that’s why I wait.” – Erin Johnson

The start of Advent may fuel your Christmas cheer.

“The beginning of Advent is when I  start getting in the Christmas Spirit. I was raised Catholic and follow our family tradition of celebrating right up to Epiphany. Music, baking, decorations, fresh pine tree, and warm festive scented candles get me in the spirit. It always starts with a phone call to my brothers while listening to the Rita McNeil Holiday album. The album we listened to as kids while my parents where hauling out Rubbermaid bins and turning our house into a Christmas wonderland.” – Jennifer Ann


“In Germany, we celebrate the four Sundays in Advent by meeting up with friends and family for coffee and cake or biscuits. We normally find time on the Saturday before the first Advent Sunday to bake cookies with the children. This is when the Christmas music comes out and the decorations start to go up for us. And it smells delicious too.” – Alison Carl

The late bloomers:

I am a firm believer that Christmas cannot start until December 1st. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I refuse to let it be skipped. Once it is December 1st, it’s on! We get decorations out, start Advent calendar and watch Christmas movies!” – Stephanie Musliner

christmas tree

And for some, time is made for embracing Christmas spirit whenever it just feels right.

“Over the past 12 years, between the two of us, my husband and I have moved 13 times. Luckily we have always gone home to West Virginia for the holidays. But before heading down the country roads that take us home, I’ve developed a little tradition to get in the Christmas spirit. I put on my Christmas PJs, play Miracle on 34th Street and decorate our tree. While the timing may vary, this always makes us feel at home and ready to celebrate with family.” – Treenah Kight

When does your family break out the dusty decorations and crank up the carols? Share in the comments below!