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Admit it, mama – you’ve got a secret stash of the good stuff somewhere in your house. Whether it’s a sweet treat hidden in an empty bag of frozen peas or a family favorite strategically stuffed behind the protein bars, you’re hiding your favorite foods from the greedy fingers of your family. If you thought you were alone, check out some other moms who are waving their “shame on me” flags high!

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“Chocolate… in the freezer. They are too little to reach it and if they don’t know it’s there, they won’t ask me for it!” – Raye Dopson

I love making my own ‘ice cream’ using bananas, dates, vanilla and almond milk. I blend it all up and freeze it in individual reusable squeeze tubes. I hide them in the very back of my freezer out of sight from my son and eat them while he’s napping. In my defense, my son doesn’t like to eat the ice cream as much as he likes to play with the squeeze up container, so more gets on him rather than in him.” – Crystal Moreno

“I tend to hide ice cream from my kids. I don’t mind them having treats, but ice cream is just waaayyy too messy for me to let them have any. So once the kids are all in bed and even during nap time, I will, with spy-like stealthiness, sneak a few spoonfuls straight from the container into my mouth. That container is just for mommy!” – Kelly Duplantis

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Hiding anything from three kids seems almost impossible, but my treat is my Dove dark chocolate. When I switched to dark chocolate years ago, I thought there was absolutely no way the kids would EVER eat it. Of course, they watch you, they study you and they want to be like you! So, I have three lovers of dark chocolate now. A new bag will be demolished in a matter of days! But Mom has gotten smart… I leave a few in the bag and then stash the rest in places they never go (laundry room, sock drawer).” – Andrea Roussel

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“Teaching and encouraging my kids to share is without a doubt one of my top priorities as a mom. However, I am secretly a bad role model when it comes to sharing a few of my favorite things. Watermelon, almond butter, Quest protein bars and Arctic Zero are my guilty pleasures. If I’m running low on any of those and my kids want some, I usually suggest another snack. Sadly, I even stoop to offering a less healthy treat, such as a cookie, just to keep them from eating the last of my favorite foods.” – Leslie Guzinski

Living in Germany as a British person, there are some foods that I miss. It is mostly junk food, so I try and avoid it anyway. But, if someone does bring me some British treats from their travels such as Cadbury chocolate or Walkers crisps, they get hidden straightaway! Since I am the only 100 percent British person in my house, I feel like it is my right to keep the food all to myself since no one else will truly appreciate it. Where do I hide it? In the vegetable drawer. Nobody looks in there.” – Alison Carl

Without a doubt, the food I hide from my kids is macaroni and cheese! Even made ‘skinny,’ I just can’t share! Every now and then I’ll make it for them as a surprise, but more often than not, I wait until they’re down for afternoon naps then make some for myself.” – Ashley Kilday

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There is no hiding… My son ALWAYS finds the foods I try to save for myself!” – Alaina Burran

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I’m from Sweden and live in Hawaii. From time to time, my mom sends me candy from home. It is MINE. I eat a little and hide the rest. My daughter caught me and told me, ‘Mom, sharing is caring!’ I wonder where she might have gotten that phrase.” – Jessica Wright

“I wouldn’t say that I selfishly hide foods from my kids, but I do have my own stash. My stash consists of Swedish Fish, almonds, cashews, mini Almond Snickers and mini Peanut M&Ms.

I have gotten my sweet tooth under control more than I’ve been able to in the past. I would say that if I hide anything selfishly from my kids, believe it or not, it would definitely be leftovers! Food tastes so much better after it’s been in the refrigerator overnight. My husband is an excellent cook. His food is ‘to die for!’ Weirdly, my cheat meal is the Hamburger Helper my daughter makes. It’s so cheesy! If there is any left over, I’ll try to put it in a little bowl and hide it in the back corner of the refrigerator or in one of the refrigerator drawers.” – Shyrita Billups

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I definitely hide ice cream from my son. We don’t usually let him have any since he’s so young, but he’s had it a few times and gets very excited whenever he sees it. If we don’t give him any, he tends to get pretty upset and cry. Learning from that, I only have any after he’s in bed.” – Nicole Zern

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“I admit­ I hide the goods, but ONLY because I enjoy savoring the delicious moments I have with it (plus it stretches your dollar, right?). One of my ‘no touchy touchy’ foods I keep away from both Mr. King of the House and his daughter is my dark chocolate. Because I have sensitive teeth, dark chocolate (and fruit) is really the only sweet guilt­-free treat I can have and, of course, I must keep it all to myself! Unless someone gives me the really cute, begging puppy face look, that dark chocolate is M.I.N.E.!” – Brittney Dries

“Lindor Truffles! I love my children, but my husband and I keep these dark chocolate wonders all to ourselves. We limit ourselves to no more than two at a time and they last us quite a while. I allow my children occasional sweet treats, but these chocolates are strictly for grownups.” – Michelle Daly  

“I love deep… dark… rich… CHOCOLATE! There, I’ve said it. Lucky my 2-year-old son (and more importantly, my husband), has yet to discover my ‘secret stash’ of gourmet dark chocolate bars. To keep them cold and hidden, I have them wrapped in a freezer bag and tucked in the farthest part of our freezer, and it may or may not be hidden under our whole bean coffee. (SHHH!!!) My boys can have their Reese’s Pieces and I’ll break off a tiny square of the good stuff and strut around to “Worth It” like in the Hershey Caramel commercial… Come to think of it, I should try those!” – Treenah Kight

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“A food I selfishly hide from my kids is Girl Scout cookies. They are too expensive not to savor.” – Daniella Davis

“I have a 20-month-old toddler who only wants Mommy’s food, even if he has the exact same food, of course, so I hide in the kitchen and stuff my face at various intervals throughout the day. My son particularly likes bananas and sweet potatoes (‘particularly’ should be read as ‘weirdly and obsessively’ here), and while I’m glad his favorite foods are good for him, I can’t even mention the names in front of him without a freakout until he gets some! Oh, and donuts. We’re a balanced family, you know.” – Fallon Lee