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In a weight loss journey, the most intimidating part can be getting started. You’ve heard endless contradictory advice and see so many different paths that have worked for others; it’s tough to know where to begin. Some of our Resident Moms hope to make your journey easier by sharing the best piece of weight loss advice they received on their own fitness journeys. Check them out below!

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“Sharing is caring. I was told to share my journey with others. When you share your progress, good or bad, people will rally behind you and give you the strength to keep going. Those people care about you and they want you to succeed!” – Kelly Duplantis

“The best weight loss advice I ever received was to do everything in moderation. Yes, you can go all-out exercising for an hour or more seven days a week, but eventually you’re going to burn out. You can also follow a super strict diet, but eventually you’re going to get bored or sick of it and the binge that usually follows is just as bad as restricting calories or food groups. The best plan is to work out three to five times a week for at least 30 minutes and to follow the 80/20 rule for eating (eat clean 80 percent of the time and allow yourself treats or cheat meals the other 20 percent).” – Katy Seymour

“The best weight loss advice I’ve ever received was found online by researching. When I became fed up with not getting the progress I wanted, I become more passionate about my overall health and needed to find out what I was doing wrong. I have done lots of research on what I needed to do to lose weight. From all of the information I have gathered, there have been a few constants found that actually worked for me. Because of these tips, I have more muscle and less body fat than I have had in years!

  • Be patient on your new lifestyle journey.
  • Use challenging bodyweight moves with a mix of cardio weekly.
  • Make time to exercise, focusing on building muscle/strength and fat loss, not weight loss.
  • Balance healthy eating, water intake, exercise and sleep.
  • Eat healthy 85%-90% of the time and do not deprive yourself of guilty foods.
  • Think before you eat (why am I eating?).
  • Track your progress (monthly pictures of same poses in the same outfit, scale, measurement tape, write it down, fitness apps, online tools).
  • Plan ahead (your day, meals, workouts, etc.).
  • There are no miracle pills or devices that will make you fit overnight and surgery is dangerous leaving you with scars.” – Shyrita Billups

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“I gained a significant amount of weight after my sons were born and I became depressed. Whenever I did find time to exercise, I was obsessed with getting on the scale. I didn’t realize I was losing fat but gaining muscle. Therefore, standing on the scale was like a recurring nightmare only I was responsible for. The best advice I received was from my husband who suggested that I stay off the scale! He told me to focus on how I wanted to look and the results of my hard work. That has worked great for me!” – Keocha LaFleur-Anders

“The best weight loss advice I ever received is not to worry so much about weight loss! It’s extremely difficult for a mere number to determine your overall health; focus more on progress in your strength and energy levels! For example, I’m almost three months postpartum and, although my weight loss plateaued about a month ago, I feel stronger, more toned and can fit into more of my pre-baby clothes even though my weight hasn’t changed! Taking care of yourself in a holistic manner is about so much more than weight loss! I love when I’m reminded to pursue purpose and health, not just dropping pounds.” – Fallon Lee

“When I was trying to lose the baby weight after my first child, someone suggested I start running. Even though I hadn’t run in years and frankly HATED running, this was the best advice I could have ever received. I started out running slowly just a few minutes at a time and worked my way up to a comfortable pace and time. When I finally started to see results, it inspired me to eat healthier and work out harder. Now I’ve got five half marathon finisher medals hanging in my house. Ultimately, changing my mindset from ‘I don’t run’ to ‘I CAN’ and ‘I WILL’ was a life changer for me.” – Leslie Guzinski

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“The best weight loss advice I ever received and still stick to today is to find an exercise you love! When the time comes to work out, it doesn’t feel like work and you have the motivation and drive to get up and move. I was a dancer and I still miss it, but now I have Zumba. I wake up so excited to shake it; it never seems like exercise. I love my Zumba days.” – Mary Gorecki

‘Do not compare yourself to others.’ It’s easy to get discouraged when you see others losing faster than you or being more diligent with their routines and nutrition but if you focus on yourself, you’ll stay motivated to do what’s best for YOU.” – Danielle Faust

“When trying to change body composition (i.e., lose weight), water is the key. Most of the time, when you feel hungry, you are probably thirsty. So, drink a big glass of water before making your next choice as far as snacks or unplanned meals.” – Rachel Tipton

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‘Eat when you’re hungry’ and ‘Eat to fuel your body.’ Those two pieces of advice completely changed the way I looked at eating. Eating when I’m hungry helps me to avoid eating when I’m bored or when I’m binging on Netflix. Remembering to make food choices that fuel my body, giving it the energy and nutrients it needs, allows to me say no to extra helpings and resist the unhealthy temptations, while enjoying everything in moderation.” – Julie Davis

“The best weight loss advice I ever received is to never, ever take anything out of your diet. It’s probably the best piece of advice that has stuck with me through my whole weight loss journey. Everything you eat is okay as long as you are eating in moderation. I still have ice cream; I still have chips. Taking something completely out of your diet is harmful because when you really, really are craving that item, you will binge eat it when you do give in to that temptation. So instead of removing things from your diet, just be sure you are eating them in moderation and following the serving sizes.” – Jessica Keipper