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What’s the best part about setting goals? When you hit them, it’s a cause for celebration! You may be tempted to treat yourself with a cheat meal or a trip to the ice cream parlor, but these Resident Moms say non-food rewards can be just as sweet. Check out their favorite rewards for hitting their goals, then share yours in the comments!


“Since I am taking better care of myself, eating better and exercising, my favorite reward now is new clothes. I just recently bought myself a very comfy shirt in a smaller size for sticking with and completing the 21-Day Shred in January.” — Amy Brunner

“My favorite reward for reaching a goal is the intrinsic value in it. It is a feeling of fulfillment and I especially love to be able to sit down after reaching a goal. ;)” — Jessica Griffin

“My favorite reward? Nice hot bubble bath with a good book, bottle of wine… and SILENCE.” — Raye Dopson

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“My favourite reward so far has been going to a ball. My husband and I went to a really fancy ball and stayed overnight in the 5-star hotel. We both met our weight goals that day! The best part is that we got photos taken at the ball which are a great reminder that I can do it again now post-baby.” — Alison Carl

“A new pair of training shoes or a new workout outfit! I’m always trying to find a new goal in the gym so I can add to my workout wardrobe!” — Melissa Koester

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