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For any busy mom or career woman, just stepping foot inside the gym is a feat to be celebrated. But when these hardworking mamas start their sessions, it’s hard to stay focused and motivated amongst the sweaty, smelly, grunting gym-goers. Here, our Resident Moms share their biggest annoyances at the gym, but these downsides don’t stop them from shredding!


“My biggest annoyance at the gym is people taking up space that isn’t necessary for them to be using, like taking a bench just to hold their personal belongings, or setting up a circuit of free weights and barbells in the only open floor space in the gym, during busy hours.” — Jennifer Ann

“Noise makers! You know, the people (I find it’s mostly men) that make those grunting noises while lifting weights. We have one guy who even grunts while on the treadmill! Come on… If it’s too hard, back off and take some off the weights; we don’t need to hear about it.” — Alisha Herzog

“I would have to say my biggest annoyance at the gym is when people hang out on equipment. They will do 1-2 reps and then stop, look at their phone, talk to a friend. They have no respect for other people at the gym that may want to use that piece of equipment. Not everyone has unlimited time to spend at the gym. If you’re going to work out, do it, so other people can also get their workouts in.” — Nicole Zern

“My biggest annoyance at the gym is feeling like I have to get all fixed up to work out. I’m going to get red, sweaty and gross. I don’t want to worry about being judged on my appearance!” — Rhea Hodges

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“I used to go to the gym and depending on what time I arrived, I would encounter a few different groups of fellow gym-goers. The most irritating group is the folks that sit around on the equipment while playing on their phones. Reason being is, I would like to actually use the equipment while working out. You ask if they are done and the response is always, “I’m resting between sets.” That’s great, but I’ve watched you sit on the bench press for over 10 minutes and you haven’t done one rep.” — Kelly Duplantis

“My biggest annoyance at the gym is when the staff are really unfriendly. Sometimes just walking into the gym is a huge achievement, and although I know greeting everyone with fireworks and cake is a little much and is counter-productive, a smile and welcome that incorporate that feeling would be great.” — Alison Carl

“My biggest annoyance at the gym: TALKING NON-STOP….LET ME WORK OUT!” — Alaina Burran

“I work out at the gym five days a week. Some days I’m on the treadmill, some days I take a class, some days I’m just in the weight room. But almost every day I work out I come across someone who has doused themselves in cologne. Why would you wear cologne to the gym?” — Mary Gorecki


“My biggest annoyance at the gym is when people, mostly men, leave their heavy, heavy, HEAVY weights on the free weight machines! Half the time they are done or are using a few other machines. I can’t stand when people use multiple machines at a time, it’s like they think they are the only ones there using the machines!” — Jessica Keipper

“Now that I am an official #shredder, my husband and I decided to save the money and work out at home. However, my biggest annoyance was the younger men hogging all of the free weights and giving you dirty looks when you did use them. Excuse me, I lift too!” — Jessica Griffin