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The ideal vacation in your early 20s with the girls or with your man likely involved sun, swimsuits and something fruity in your hand or exploring aimlessly with no strict plans. But as a mother, the thought of spending a weekend away with the family can sound more like a cruel chore than a relaxing trip. When a mom pictures her perfect vacation, what really comes to mind? Check out our Resident Moms’ answers below!

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“My view on vacation has definitely evolved over the years. Prior to having children, I used to enjoy going to an all-inclusive resort and laying poolside all day. Now that I’m a mom to three busy toddlers, I truly value my freedom when I’m on vacation. While I do still enjoy relaxing poolside for a few hours, I also thoroughly love exploring and being adventurous. A perfect mom vacation for me would be 4-5 days with my girlfriends at a beachside resort. My days would be spent running the beach, trying new fitness classes, exploring the city by bike or foot, relaxing at the spa and pool, boutique shopping and of course, girls night out at the local hot spots.” — Leslie Guzinski

“Eating lunch alone.” — Alaina Burran

“My idea of a vacation is an extended weekend at a spa: meditation and gentle yoga after sleeping in and breakfast in bed followed by massages, facials, pedicures, and TLC. No decisions to make, no schedules to keep, and someone else prepares and serves me every meal! Oh, yes, and an early bedtime!” — Rachel Tipton

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“My idea of vacation: A sunny day, an extra large fountain drink and a trip to Target all by myself.” — Emily Wallis

“For me, it would be with my kids, but I want someone to cook every single meal and bring me, my husband and the kids whatever we wanted/needed at the time, be it drinks, snacks, toilet paper or a sand toy on the beach. That way I could enjoy my time with the kids without the work involved!” — Windy Jennings

“My idea of a vacation is doing whatever I feel like doing, whether on a beach, in a hut, in the wilderness, in a hotel room, or on a boat. I want to do what I want, when I want to do it and with no one to say otherwise. I want great food and drinks. I want excitement, calm and zen or a wild, crazy adrenaline rush. I want to be able to enjoy my experience and recenter.” — Jackie Osornio


“Vacation: a word that’s meaning does a 180 once you are no longer single. While trips with your family are fun and family vacations build long lasting memories, it can be hard to consider this a true vacation. No matter how amazing your husband and family are, there will still be mouths to feed, bedtime stories to read and sleep lost to the occasional nightmare. For a true vacation sometimes a mom just needs some ME time.

This doesn’t have to be across the country, if can be across town for pedicures with some friends, a solo staycation at home, or a simple night or two spent at a hotel in solitude. The silence, the disconnect and the moments we spend not worrying for others make us better wives and mothers. It helps us get back in touch with the girls who dreamt of the women we are today.” — Treenah Kight

“It’s true when when people say being a mom is a 24/7 ‘job’ with no paid holidays or vacation time! So, I would have to say my idea of a REAL vacation for a mom would be taking a vacation after a vacation traveling with the kids.” — Megan Robison