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Welcome to our Resident Mom community page! Every month you will receive an email directing you to this page, where you will find all the resources you need to succeed as a member of the Skinny Mom community! Below you will find:

  • RM Welcome Packet
  • Content submission forms
  • Ongoing campaigns and collaborations
  • Monthly challenges
  • Recipes for review
  • Miscellaneous updates
  • RM Badge

Blurbs! Each week, Skinny Mom will publish a single article with your thoughts on the blurb topics listed. For example, the first topic is “Foods I Selfishly Hide From My Kids” so I need your best answer to add to our list! Your blurb responses should be under 100 words and should be EMAILED to [email protected]. We’ll be publishing these compilations each Wednesday, so please get your blurbs in on Mondays (by the date listed next to each topic) to be included.

Content Submission Forms

Please submit your ideas for approval before you write the article you have in mind. Once we comb through and approve your ideas, we will send you a confirmation email  or suggest any changes we may have. Click here for the content idea form!

The final step for submission is sending in your content! Click here to submit your written content after we have approved your story idea. We will send you an email when and where your content is published on the website.

HEALTH-CENTERED Writing: When choosing your topics and writing your monthly articles, please keep in mind that your writing should be personal (always in first person & reflect your thoughts) and should ALWAYS tie back to healthy living. Skinny Mom’s Resident Mom articles are meant to be a resource and community for healthy moms so your writing is most impactful when it follows these guidelines. Also, keep in mind that your articles should be around 500 words so as to be detailed while still catering to the busy mom.


Each month we will provide a list of recipes that we would love for you to cook and review for us. We will provide some of our recipes that need to be taste-tested and reviewed, but we also ask that you send in your own! For your own recipes, it’s important that you make skinny swaps to keep the meals light and family friendly! If you are interested in cooking any of the following recipes, please click the recipe title to see the ingredients list and directions.

If you submit an original recipe, we cannot publish it without photos from you! Need a little guidance on taking photos of your original recipes? We created a photo submission guide for you here!


Resident Mom Welcome Packet

If you have not already received your welcome packet, please click here to download it and save it to your computer.  Send in your RM Agreement if you have not done so already. We only ask that you fill in your name, address and signature. We cannot publish your content until we have a signed agreement from you! You may email your signed agreement to [email protected] or mail it to Skinny Mom, attn. Resident Mom Program, 602 Main Street, Suite 410, Cincinnati, OH 45202.


Miscellaneous Updates

We are going to be featuring you in a dedicated post on our website! Each Resident Mom will be featured in her own post, introducing her to our readers. We will include some of the info you already sent us and some from a document you can fill out by clicking here.

Resident Mom Badge

The following badge is for you to use on your website or social media page. We encourage you to use it and link to our website so everyone can see the hard work you are putting in for this community!

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Please feel free to contact us with questions at any time at [email protected]!

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