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This is the product I’ve been looking for! Let me start with saying I’m 33 years old and have never had horrible skin. It’s not perfect, but it’s not horrible; it’s somewhere in the middle. I tend to get redness in my T-zone and red spots — wanting to be pimples — appear occasionally. But, and a big but, here lies my problem. Four years ago, I moved from sunny southern California to the desert. Goodbye moisture! My combination skin became dry and flaky around my nose and the middle of my forehead. Good face care products are hard to come by where I live so I jumped at the chance to try Skinthera Rewind: Advanced Retinol Face Cream.

The product description pulled me in. I was intrigued by the label stating that it is organic and contains aloe, shea butter and green tea. It has 2.5% retinol and helps diminish fine lines while renewing skin firmness and elasticity.

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Skinthera Rewind is meant to be used at night to allow time for the product to soak into the skin and begin working. The moment I applied the product, I was impressed. My face felt silky smooth. The instructions state to begin using it slowly (every other night) and ease your way into daily use. By the second week of use I began using it every night and found that the first visible change was the moisture in my skin. By the end of my workday, my skin was actually back to its combination skin type feel and, now that my skin was retaining its moisture, I noticed that the redness in my face began to lighten. I’m loving the way my face and skin feel and can honestly say that I feel glowing in the evenings now once apply Skinthera. Now, as if the product couldn’t get any better, it is also recommended to use Skinthera Rewind as a hand lotion and I have started doing just that! I’m noticing that my hands feel softer and they stay hydrated longer!

Here is my before and after using Skinthera Rewind photo:

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If you’ve been unhappy with your nightly skincare routine, I highly recommend adding Skinthera Rewind into the mix!