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I recently had two major health scares in less than six months. In the process, I had also allowed some extra pounds to accumulate. My doctor gave me an ultimatum: Lose weight or take medication. I wanted to try my best to go the alternative route, so needless to say, I jumped on the opportunity to review Naked Me’s 14-Day Detox Tea when Skinny Mom presented the idea.

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Naked Me Tea is a 100 percent all-natural herbal kit specially blended with targeted ingredients that are renowned for their positive effects on metabolism and detoxification. Knowing how important it is to first rid your body of the filth that gathers, I knew this detox process was a vital part of getting my health back on track. I’m an extremely busy woman, as I know the majority of Skinny Mom readers are. In order for me to be consistent with a weight loss program, I knew it had to be something that would first fit into my busy schedule. I figured that drinking tea, something that I do nearly every day anyway, would be easily implemented and followed. And can we talk about the benefits? Weight loss? Um…yes, please!

I couldn’t wait for my kit to arrive and when it did, I was pleased to see that it looked fairly easy to use. The 14-Day Detox Kit came with two packages of tea. The first, called “Boost Me,” was to be taken in the morning and the second, “Cleanse Me,” was to be used at night time. I also ordered the Naked Me Tea Steep Machine. When I opened both packages I could immediately smell the mix of ingredients! They smelled so fresh and fragrant! I was excited to give them a try!

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My mornings normally consist of me running around the house in an attempt to get myself and my two boys out of the door and to school on time. Did I mention our school is about 40 minutes away? This mad dash doesn’t leave much time in the morning to be creative or linger over breakfast preparations. The first morning that I tried my “Boost Me” tea, I was pleased to find out that I could easily make my tea while I finished getting ready. In between blow drying my hair and getting dressed, I was able to scoop out my tea and then allow it to steep. Naked Me provided a convenient scoop with my kit that made it easy to scoop out just the right amount of ingredients and then pour them into my NM Tea Steep Machine. As soon as my tea was finished steeping, all I had to do was literally sit the Steep Machine on a coffee cup and the liquid would empty out into the cup leaving the loose tea, herbs and spices behind.

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The package states that you can mix honey or some other form of sweetener to the tea, but since I really wanted the full benefits of weight loss, I didn’t add sweetener. In reality, the tea really didn’t need any sweetening anyway. You could taste the strong blend of ingredients and they left a pleasant taste in my mouth. I could definitely feel the energy boosting stimulants as I went throughout my day. As a high school special education teacher and someone that suffers with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, energy is often a foreign concept. I felt the effects of the Cleanse Me Tea as well, as I found that I was able to sleep deeper and minimize my tossing and turning throughout the night.